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Week 5 SEC Odds

Look just because you can bet on Vanderbilt-UConn doesn’t mean you should

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 LSU at Mississippi State Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s not too late to get your bets in for Saturday, here’s the odds courtesy of our friends from DraftKings.

Arkansas vs. Georgia

Spread: Arkansas +17 (-110); Georgia -17 (-110)

Over/Under: 48.5 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Arkansas (+650); Georgia (-1000)

The game of the week and umm Vegas doesn’t really believe in the Hogs. But hey that’s an awful lot of points and Arkansas is a good team, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to sprinkle a little something something on the points.

Tennessee vs. Missouri

Spread: Tennessee +2.5 (-105); Missouri -2.5 (-115)

Over/Under: 66 (Over -115; Under -105)

Moneyline: Tennessee (+120); Missouri (-140)

Honestly I’d stay away from this.

Ole Miss vs. Alabama

Spread: Ole Miss +14.5 (-105); Alabama -14.5 (-115)

Over/Under: 80 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Ole Miss (+500); Alabama (-720)

My God look at that over/under. 80! And it’s almost definitely in play with these offenses.

Florida vs. Kentucky

Spread: Florida -7.5 (-105); Kentucky +7.5 (-115)

Over/Under: 56 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Florida (-310); Kentucky (+245)

Remember how Auburn hasn’t beaten LSU in Baton Rouge since 1999? Well Florida hasn’t lost in Lexington since 1986. Kentucky’s gotten close the past three home games (29-21 in ‘19; 28-27 in ‘17; and 14-9 in ‘15), but Florida’s managed to escape each and every time.

Troy vs. South Carolina

Spread: Troy +7 (-120); South Carolina -7 (-100)

Over/Under: 43.5 (Over -115; Under -105)

Moneyline: Troy (+210); South Carolina (-200)


Mississippi State vs. Texas A&M

Spread: Mississippi State +7 (+100); Texas A&M -7 (-120)

Over/Under: 46 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Mississippi State (+250); Texas A&M (-320)

I’m not sure how much the spread took a hit in light of A&M’s loss to Arkansas and the injury to quarterback Haynes King but I imagine it would’ve been at least a 10-point spread if things were different.

Auburn vs. LSU

Spread: Auburn +3 (-115); LSU -3 (-105)

Over/Under: 57 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Auburn (+130); LSU (-150)

This is our stay away of the week of the year of the century. There’s been way too many weird games in the LSU-Auburn series and this year’s edition looks to be maybe the wildest yet.

UConn vs. Vanderbilt

Spread: UConn +14.5 (-105); Vanderbilt -14.5 (-115)

Over/Under: 51 (Over -120; Under +100)

Moneyline: UConn (+475); Vanderbilt (-675)

If you’re betting on UConn-Vanderbilt please seek help.