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How To Football: Week 9

Hello, we are back to footballing.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at San Jose State Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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Bunyan Bowl Shift

  • Michigan-Michigan State: It’s not enough that this should be a good game for the first time in what feels like forever and plays a pivotal role in who finishes second to Ohio State in the Big Ten East, but now this could be a springboard win that Mel Tucker turns into an LSU job.
  • Texas-Baylor: Speaking of possible LSU head coaches going for a springboard win!
  • Miami (FL)-Pitt: I’m going to speak something into existence that the rest of the college football internet will hate: this could be the game where Miami takes revenge for 2017 when Pitt knocked off a top-ranked Miami team. Obviously Pitt’s not ranked but they have the inside track to the ACC Coastal, because apparently Pitt is in the ACC Coastal this year.
  • Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech: Please ensure your shots are up to date before watching this
  • Iowa-Wisconsin: ...even if they are, get a booster shot for this one.

The World’s Largest [REDACTED] Shift

  • Georgia-Florida: I think this has promise of being a good game but I don’t see a viable way that Florida can actually close out the upset.
  • TCU-Kansas State: Close games are not necessarily good games and entertainment is subjective.
  • Purdue-Nebraska: Close games are not necessarily good games and entertainment is subjective. Happy Scott Frost Day.
  • Boston College-Syracuse: Close games are not necessarily good games and entertainment is subjective.
  • Colorado-Oregon: It’ll be a blowout.

Joctober Shift

  • Ole Miss-Auburn: Very much excited for this game and the deeply chaotic energy it exudes. This will definitely be my watching between innings of the World Series game.
  • North Carolina-Notre Dame: I know we were all very wrong about North Carolina and they are in fact not good but I think they can give us a very entertaining game against the Irish.
  • Kentucky-Mississippi State: Styles make matchups. In one corner, an air raid team and in the other, a team that would love noting more than to run the ball every play of the game with no more than three play action passes.
  • Oregon State-Cal: Don’t laugh, Jonathan Smith has the Beavers in a tie for the PAC-12 North. This is a huge game for them.
  • SMU-Houston: Don’t sleep on this one either, it has some serious banger potential and is for a theoretical tie with Cincinnati for command of the AAC. Whether or not that matters is a bridge we’ll cross later.

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • UCLA-Utah: Is UCLA good? No. Do they have a gift to make games immensely entertaining? Yes.
  • Washington-Stanford: Both teams are on a definite slide in terms of trajectory, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a decent game by pitting them together.
  • Virginia-BYU: The Bronco Mendenhall Bowl sees the Cavaliers’ head coach return to his old stomping grounds. That’s some of that good narrative.
  • Fresno State-San Diego State: The quiet best game of the late kick is a battle for command of the Mountain West...West and is a toss-up. Come for Jake Haener’s heroics, stay for the Matt Araiza 80-yard punts.