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Tuesdays with Ed: Kentucky

What Coach O said about Auburn and what he’s looking for in Kentucky

Auburn v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Ed Orgeron had his weekly meeting with reporters and opened his presser accepting full responsibility for Saturday’s 24-19 loss against Auburn.

“Ultimately I’m responsible for the performance of this team,” Orgeron said. “I’ve always been responsible and I always will be, first and foremost. I want to get that point across.”

“I think it’s clear when things go wrong, obviously I get asked questions and it may sound like I’m trying to point the finger. “As you know me, that’s not me, I’m going to take full responsibility for everything that happens in this program. That’s just the way it’s going to be.”

Orgeron then talked about where his team needs to improve leading up to Saturday’s match with the No. 16 Kentucky Wildcats.

“Things we need to fix on offense, pre snap process, our run game, redzone. Very disappointed in our performance in the redzone,” Orgeron said. “On defense obviously the containment of the quarterback, rush lanes and how to tackle a quarterback. When we’re chasing the quarterback, we have to stay in coverage. We call that plaster, we gotta work on that.”

Orgeron sounded optimistic about fixing the flow of the offense, calling it “very fixable.”

“We just need to settle down, mostly just call the play and let it go and not try to change the play. I think that’s where we’re getting in the most of our problems. It’s not the guys aren’t working or not trying, I think they’re trying too hard.”

One of the biggest issues that’s plagued LSU this season is its running game or lack there of. Orgeron had this to say.

“First of all we need to be committed to it. We need to make a recommitment to calling the run plays that we practiced.”

“We need to make a couple adjustments, maybe some different sets some different formations to help us be more aggressive and attack the line of scrimmage. We’re not doing that well, hopefully we can get that done this week.”