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How To Football: Week 6

The ultimate guide to how to watch this weekend’s college football.

Auburn v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images
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Thursday Night Tide Shift

  • Houston-Tulane: Last year Houston got revenge on Tulane's last-second Hail Mary victory in 2019 with an 18-point win, meaning the two teams have traded wins over the past four year in what unexpectedly has become one of the best games in the AAC each year.
  • Coastal Carolina-Arkansas State: The Chants are going to crush Arkansas State, but as LSU fans it might be time to start tuning in to Coastal football, if you catch my drift.

It’s A Trap Shift

  • Temple-Cincinnati: Cincinnati should absolutely wipe the floor with Temple. Should. It’s not like Temple is Sisters of The Poor and Blind, and a let down game here makes a lot of sense. I really really hope it doesn’t, but it ticks all the boxes.
  • Charlotte-FIU: You don’t have to be impressed by the sexiness of the helmet matchup, but SP+ is essentially calling it a tossup.
  • Morgan State-Howard: Again, kudos for ESPN for putting HBCU football on a visible platform. But the game might not be that great as both teams are a combined 1-8.

Desert Nights Shift

  • Stanford-Arizona State: SP+ says Arizona State is going to march in this one, but after seeing Stanford beat Oregon (with help, yes) I’m not sure I trust that. I think this game has promise to be...close, if not conservatively coached.

The Nutt Bowl Shift

  • Arkansas-Ole Miss: Styles make matchups. In one corner, a football club that loves to block and tackle and lay the whompin stick and in the other corner, a team who just wants to get into a track meet and has no real motivation to play defense.
  • Oklahoma-Texas: Red River truly is almost a “throw out the record book” game, but it isn’t because that implies that anything could happen when the reality of this rivalry is that the express opposite generally tends to happen. Oklahoma is undefeated and Texas got whomped by Arkansas and skated by TCU, so expect a 10-point win for the Horns in very messy fashion.
  • Maryland-Ohio State: Well it was fun while it lasted, but Maryland crumbled last week against Iowa. But the Terps are still a good ball team and could still give the Buckeyes a run for their money.
  • West Virginia-Baylor: Should be a pretty fun game, even if the Neal Brown era is spinning the tires a bit.
  • South Carolina-Tennessee: It’s football.

Deep South’s Oldest Shift

  • Georgia-Auburn: Is Auburn’s offense good enough to have sustained success against Georgia’s incredible defense? No. Do I believe that Bo Nix can bullshit his way to a chance to win or tie the game late? 100%.
  • Penn State-Iowa: I hate to say this about Iowa, but this game should be incredible because after all, styles make good matchups and these are two teams that I think are secretly trash, meaning this game could get messy in the best way.
  • Boise State-BYU: Another game that should be a stupid fun heater.
  • Wake Forest-Syracuse: SP+ is calling this a straight up tossup. This shift is quickly become one of the best shifts of the season.
  • Florida State-North Carolina: ...oh no. Oh no no no no. No matter the outcome, this will be brutal.

#bATtLe Shift

  • LSU-Kentucky: dear god please no.
  • Alabama-Texas A&M: ugh.
  • Michigan-Nebraska: UGHHHH.
  • Notre Dame-Virginia Tech: Okay so this one should be pretty good! Fuente has finally broken through and gotten Virginia Tech pointed in the right direction with a lone one-possession loss against West Virginia. With any luck he can rid of the prospect of Notre Dame getting into the playoffs.
  • Memphis-Tulsa: Blessed be the AAC, the mother of all stupid fun games that we can all flip to when the big helmet games get out of hand or unwatchable.

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • UCLA-Arizona: You can probably skip the night shift this weekend if you really feel like it, honestly.
  • New Mexico State-Nevada: Yeesh. Skip!