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Week 6 SEC Odds

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Another week another opportunity to flaunt your hard earned disposable income. Let’s get this bread.

Lines as of October 6

Bye: Mississippi State

Arkansas vs. Ole Miss

Spread: Arkansas + 6 (-110); Ole Miss -6 (-110)

Over/Under: 67 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Arkansas (+180); Ole Miss (-220)

A battle between two teams who took it on the chin last week. Ole Miss can score on anybody provided Lane doesn’t go full on Leeroy Jenkins, while Arkansas still has a solid defense despite getting blown out by Georgia.

Vanderbilt vs. Florida

Spread: Vanderbilt -39 (-115); Florida +39 (-105)

Over/Under: 59.5 (Over -115; Under -105)

Moneyline: None

I...might take Vanderbilt? Only because 39 points is an awful lot and Florida hasn’t beaten anybody that badly this year. Florida can very well still blow Vanderbilt out the water, but I’m not so sure they’ll do it by 39.

South Carolina vs. Tennessee

Spread: South Carolina +10.5 (-105); Tennessee -10.5 (-115)

Over/Under: 57 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Carolina (+330); Tennessee (-435)

Last week I said Tennessee-Mizzou was a stay away despite it being Tigers +2.5. Well Tennessee went out and beat the Tigers by 38 so what do I know. All that said I think its ludicrous that Tennessee as presently constructed should be double-digit favorites over anybody in conference.

Georgia vs. Auburn

Spread: Georgia -15.5 (-110); Auburn + 15.5 (-110)

Over/Under: 46.5 (Over -115; Under -105)

Moneyline: Georgia (-675); Auburn (+475)

It’s amazing that Georgia is a near three-score road favorite and it doesn’t feel wrong.

North Texas vs. Missouri

Spread: North Texas +19 (-110); Missouri -19 (-110)

Over/Under: 69.5 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: North Texas (+700); Missouri (-1125)

Missouri got womped something fierce by Tennessee of all people Saturday. Now they’ll try to pick up the pieces against a pretty bad UNT team. The Mean Green are 1-3 with an average margin of defeat of 21 points so you might be sweating it if you’re betting the spread.

LSU vs. Kentucky

Spread: LSU +3.5 (-115); Kentucky -3.5 (-105)

Over/Under: 51 (Over -105; Under -115)

Moneyline: LSU (+145); Kentucky (-165)

I don’t know that LSU moneyline looks awfully enticing...

Alabama vs. Texas A&M

Spread: Alabama -18 (-110); Texas A&M +18 (-110)

Over/Under: 51.5 (Over -115; Under -105)

Moneyline: Alabama (-900); Texas A&M (+600)

Alabama’s beaten A&M eight years in a row and six have been by at least 18 points.