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How To Football: Week 12

When (if) LSU gets ULM by the neck, there are options for entertainment on the west coast

Washington State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images
WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC.

The Little Big Game Shift

  • Michigan State-Ohio State: Nobody knows what is truly happening with the LSU coaching search and it’s candidates, but one thing I do know is the best thing Mel Tucker can do in this moment, be it to get on a plane to Baton Rouge or lock down a brinks truck delivery in East Lansing, is beat Ohio State, and I...don’t doubt the possibility of that.
  • Iowa State-Oklahoma: And I feel the same way about Matt Campbell here, if not even more confident!
  • Texas West Virginia: Hoo buddy, Texas cannot lose this game, absolutely cannot.
  • Wake Forest-Clemson: Like straight up, Wake Forest may win this game, no gimmicks, no pratfalls, no disastrously collapse. Believe it or not, it’s wholly possible, which is insane.
  • Harvard-Yale: Ah yes, THE big game of the day. I’m honestly surprised GameDay isn’t broadcasting from here.

Red (Saban’s Version) Shift

  • Arkansas-Alabama: I want to believe, but after seeing Arkansas’ offense last weekend I just can’t get there.
  • SMU-Cincinnati: We all want to believe in Cincy’s ability to crash to party, but over the last couple of weeks they’ve looked pretty touch and go. This is absolutely a game where they can’t play around with their food because this SMU team is DANGEROUS.
  • UCLA-USC: Lol. remember when we thought UCLA would be legit threats this year? Now I honestly don’t know what to think about this game.
  • Virginia-Pitt: Fun fact, this game should decide the ACC Coastal! If you didn’t know that both of these teams were in the ACC Coastal, that’s okay because nobody knows the ACC’s dumbass divisions.
  • Georgia Tech-Notre Dame: Speaking of ACC football! This game should be good for the uniform combinations aaaaand dassit.

Oh It’s Saturday NIGHT Night In Death Valley Shift

  • ULM-LSU: I mean, hopefully this game is pretty damn cut and dry and you have reason to leave or change the channel at halftime. Hopefully.
  • Oregon-Utah: Another fun conference standings fact, this game could be played again in two weeks given how both teams lead the PAC-12 North and South.
  • Oklahoma State-Texas Tech: Not so much interested in this matchup as I am seeing if Oklahoma can avoid a trap game and set up one of the most important Bedlams in recent memory.
  • Cal-Stanford: It’
  • Auburn-South Carolina: Also football, albeit more exciting football because it features Bonix.
  • Arizona State-Oregon State: Arizona State is a game behind Utah in the PAC-12 South, so they’ll be rooting hard for the Ducks because the Utes have the tiebreaker over them. But first they have to take care of business against the Beavers, which is a tougher task than you’d assume if you’ve been falling asleep at a reasonable hour this season. Also, Oregon State is not quite out of contention for a trip to the PAC-12 title game. Interest abound on the west coast!