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What To Watch For: ULM

Avoid disaster in the least interesting matchup of the year.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Louisiana State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This might be the hardest LSU game to be interested in maybe ever. The only thing I could have been intrigued by in this one is watching Garrett Nussmeier get some more reps but apparently we can’t have that either. I understand that they don’t want him to play against Mike Elko and figure they might as well save his redshirt, but it’s boring. This is just such a lame duck game for a lame duck regime, there’s really almost nothing to watch for.



I know I’m supposed to do my research but it’s ULM and I have a giant paper due, so, yeah. You don’t care either, it’s ULM. With the way LSU’s defense is playing, I wouldn’t worry.


Matt O’Dowd

I genuinely have never heard of LSU’s now back up QB in my entire life. Since this is ULM, he will likely see snaps. Should be fun!

Daronte Jones

This is a good opportunity for Daronte Jones to put a lot of really cool stuff on tape to audition to either keep his job or get another one. It will be really fun to see the things he experiments with this week. He’s proven himself to be quite a sharp defensive mind now that the Ed Orgeron cement shoes are off. May be fun to see the cool things he dials up.

Talented Young WRs

It’s been tough sledding for them lately, as they just aren’t ready to dominate in SEC competition, but against a lesser opponent we can see their talent shine through. We saw this against Central Michigan.