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Post Game Review: ULM

Boring, unenlightening game

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so that was terrible and boring. It was never in doubt, and LSU played a more dominant game than the box score indicated, but it was still a mess and we learned nothing. There’s just very little to actually “review” this late in a lame duck tenure against ULM.


The game was never really in doubt or interesting in any way, so there’s not a lot here, if you want a drive by drive summary, ESPN has one.

Film Review

Against ULM, there isn’t some elite chess match going on, it was mostly just LSU players being too big and fast for them. I would like to highlight some youth and talent though.

The star of the night was Malik Nabers. Despite being an unheralded recruit, it’s clear that he has an absolute ton of raw talent. He has high level speed and really solid size. He really has that Jaylen Waddle type ability to turn normal plays into 70 yard touchdowns. With a little bit more technical refinement he can become a really good receiver. Max Johnson does a good job working off the frontside concept to the backside dig. He’s solid when he’s really, really comfortable, and LSU did a good job keeping him very clean here.

Another young receiver that has shown a lot of raw talent is Brian Thomas Jr. He has much refinement to undergo in terms of generating separation and route technique, but his raw physical abilities are top notch. Being able to move like this at 6’4” is just silly.

One thing I’d like to point out is Max Johnson’s massive struggles reacting to pressure and picking up his responsibilities in the protection. LSU has a 4X1 half slide to the side with all the bodies in an empty protection. This leaves a 2 on 1 on the backside. The LT is going to take that edge rusher, so Johnson is hot off of the strong backer there. He just picks it up way too late and gets sacked. He’s gotta get this ball out to his hot which looks to be Trey Palmer, but I’m not entirely sure.

On this one he just holds the ball and hangs in the pocket FOREVER and takes a sack. These issues will REALLY show up next week.