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What to Watch For: Texas A&M

Low scoring slopfest incoming

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

We mercifully reach the end of the season and there’s a lot to reflect on. The Ed Orgeron era is coming to an end and that really is the main story here. The football game is secondary to a lot of bigger things. The coaching search is nearing its end and early signing day is coming up. It feels like a time to look both backward and forward, not straight ahead. There is a game left, though.

For A&M

Bear front answers

LSU has been using their bear front (pictured below) to snuff out opposing run games over the past few weeks. They have been able to completely stifle two of the most potent rushing attacks in the SEC since the bye and face another good one this week. Fisher needs to have answers or they will be behind the sticks all game.

Match Quarters, Cody Alexander @The_Coach_A

0 Blitz Answers

Neither Alabama nor Arkansas were able to effectively counter the aggressive 0 pressures of Daronte Jones on passing downs. Texas A&M needs to have an answer that they didn’t, or they will punt the ball a lot.


Ed Man walking

Ed Orgeron has nothing to lose and has coached like it. In his last game, expect some really weird, Les Miles level chicanery. It should be really fun

Picking Up Pressure

Mike Elko is a nightmare to call protections against. He is the best there is at manipulating your protection by showing pressure to a side, dropping out on that side, and bringing somebody from the other side. When you start to key in on that, he brings everyone from the side he’d previously only shown pressure to. Either way, someone is free to the QB. The QB has to be really sharp dealing with free rushers and anticipating pressure and those are Max Johnson’s biggest weaknesses, it could be ugly.