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Celebrate Cyber Monday with Homefield Apparel

The holiday season is here which means its time to get you and your loved ones the best vintage apparel there is and our friends at Homefield Apparel are here to hook y’all up.

The entire LSU collection, and indeed pieces for all schools, are now at 20% off for Cyber Monday so it’s not too late to snag the coziest and vintage merch around. Now items are subjected to selling out so they recommend you all order ASAP to get orders by the holidays.

Worried they only have tees? Don’t! Homefield’s got grey crewnecks and oatmeal hoodies, perfect for the winter. And hey speaking of crewnecks, why not snag one of these And It Is Saturday Night In Death Valley sweaters? Y’all I’ve got one and it’s my favorite piece of the collection. They print these things with comfort in mind and I’d be lying if I said I don’t sleep in this from time to time.

Did I mention it’s 20% off? IT’S 20% OFF! Perfect for that cash strapped booster who spent all their hard earned money paying the Coach O buyout!

Homefield’s based out of Indianapolis, home of the 2022 CFP championship game. LSU won’t be there but the Independence Bowl or whatever’s just as good right? Anybody? Anyway, for those unfamiliar, Homefield digs through schools histories to come up with unique logos and other treasured moments to make thoughtful designs for schools. Like, oh I don’t know, THE DUNKING MIKE THE TIGER! It’s hoop season after all, rock this at the PMAC and show you’re a real one.