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What To Watch For: Alabama

There’s just nothing to actually learn here

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I know I said this before the Florida game but this time I really really mean it. You don’t have to watch this, it’s going to go very very poorly. There’s very little we’ll learn from second quarter garbage time snaps. Make plans, call a friend, see your therapist, make that dish you’ve wanted to experiment on, go do life things. Alabama is really good and LSU really isn’t, LSU is also missing basically the entire roster somehow. The one thing worth watching is Bryce Young, who is the best QB in the nation until Caleb Williams gets fully up to speed. He’s an absolute delight who is playing at an incredible level.

For Alabama

Bryce Young

With LSU missing everyone from the secondary, it’s going to be sorta fun to watch a QB as good as Bryce Young throw against air. With LSU being as man heavy as it is on the back end, the vertical passing game should be very available. Young is a technician; his footwork generally needs a bit of tightening up, but he has done an incredible job handling and reacting to pressure, he’s incredibly accurate, and he always makes the right reads in a timely manner. For the first time in a long time, playing QB at Alabama is somewhat hard. They’ve struggled a bit at times in pass protection and Bill O’Brien has made this into a much more dropback heavy, pro style passing attack. They’ve also done a really sketchy job in picking up pressures so he’s had to really be sharp in timing and finding his hots. Given he’s a sophomore, it’s really impressive what he’s been able to do.

Kirk Hebrstreit’s inevitable “2 loss Bama should be in the playoff over undefeated Cincinnati” diatribe

It’s going to be so annoying but he’s gotta carry that water for the cartel.



Go out Tomorrow night. There’s just basically nothing to learn from a football perspective.


I mean at this point, it’s just fascinating to see who does and doesn’t go down. It just feels like an Agatha Christie novel right now in the LSU facility.


No more going for it, time to focus on one thing, getting Cade York as many bomb field goal attempts as possible.