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Post Game Review: Texas A&M

Step back from the coaching search and relive a night of magic, I was at this one!

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Your attention is on the coaching search and I understand that, but for a few minutes, forget about it. A wonderful, wonderful game of football happened on Saturday. Max Johnson finally nutted up and played a legitimately good (and clutch as hell)
game of football against an ELITE defense, Daronte Jones called another banger of a game, and O went out a winner against rival and vaunted moron Jimbo Fisher. I got really drunk hopping through tailgates, including the incredible DVA tailgate run by friend of the site Zach Rau, a must attend if you’re at an LSU game. Going down to Baton Rouge for my second ever Tiger Stadium game was an incredible experience.


The night got off to a good start for the LSU offense, as the Tigers drove down into A&M territory, but stalled as Cade York finished it with a 50 yard, Groza worthy kick. A&M followed with a punt, LSU punted it back, and then A&M went 3 and out again. LSU then hit a TD on a gorgeous switch vert deep ball to Jaray Jenkins on 3rd and short against cover 0 to go up 10-0. The teams then traded punts. A&M connected on a nice drive to make it 10-7. The teams traded punts again before Trey Palmer broke a jailbreak screen for a long TD to make it 17-7 at the half. The teams traded punts to start the half. Texas A&M broke deep into LSU territory but stalled and kicked a field goal. Two punts later, LSU answered with a field goal of their own to make it 20-10. A&M struck right back with a Jalen Preston touchdown. LSU punted, A&M punted, and LSU punted again. A&M then struck for another TD to go up 24-20 on a great play by Calzada and with the way LSU’s offense had been playing, it looked bleak. The teams traded punts before LSU had one last chance. LSU got backed up to 4th and 7 and then Johnson went berserk. He hit Jack Bech for the first down, then hit Jaray Jenkins down the sideline for 31, then hit Malik Nabers for 11, then after 2 incompletions, dropped a D I M E to Jenkins for a touchdown to go up 27-24. A&M went out with a whimper as Damone Clark sacked Zach Calzone twice to end it.


For the review, I’m only going to focus on the end of the game, because it was just magical, particularly Johnson’s drive.

4th and 7, back against it, hit the curl in the space against cover 2. Solid

This is a really nice ball. It’s a tad later than I’d like but A&M is in cover 2 and he rips the hole shot before the safety gets there after stepping up to avoid pressure. Really nice play.

After getting boned in cover 2 a couple times, Elko switches to cover 3. Peetz has an answer, flood concepts are good against cover 3. Johnson hits the sail route perfectly despite some tight coverage from the slot corner.

This is the best play Max Johnson has made in his time at LSU in the biggest time he could make it. A&M is in cover 1, LSU is running 4 verts again, and Johnson has a really, really limited amount of space to put this. The coverage is tight and the MOF safety is coming over. He’s got a free rusher in his face, no separation, and a closing safety.

He puts it perfectly as he gets crushed, Tigers win. What a drive by Max Johnson to cap his best game as a Tiger.