Is Sneaky Good Podcast closet-anti-LSU?

Brian Kelly and LSU get criticized incessantly for their partnership and their mistakes of the past. Is it too much to ask that an LSU podcast be supportive of the Head Coach and administration? At least until they give you a reason to vomit your ire onto them? Yes, Brian Kelly made a horrible decision, that led to the death of a student. But it was an accident! He didn’t mean to kill the kid. I’m sure he has learned from that incident and won’t let it happen again.

We hear enough criticism from the rest of sports media. When I press play on an ATVS podcast, I’d like to hear a celebration of all the good things going on with the program, and hope for the direction Brian Kelly is trying to lead us. Yes, honest criticism is welcome. But "I hate Brian Kelly…he’s a horrible person, because he killed a kid 10 years ago." is bullshit, anti-LSU narrative speak. And honestly, it’s not even creative…just a regurgitation of what you’ve heard on RBR.

Good try, but you need to do better.