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EA Sports bringing back college football game

After seven years, it’s in the game

EA Sports dropped a bombshell Tuesday morning when the company announced it would be rebooting their beloved college football video game.

It will be the first college football video game since the 2014 edition that had former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson on the cover.

No release date was mentioned, but it’s safe to assume the game is at the very least two years away.

EA did say that the game will have “more than 100 institutions, featuring the logos, stadiums, uniforms, gameday traditions and more that fans have come to know and love.” As it stands now though, the game won’t have actual players in it.

That of course was the whole reason the original NCAA Football game was shut down in the first place, when EA Sports and the CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) reached a $40 million settlement in the O’Bannon vs. NCAA class action lawsuit. Though players could be included in the game if NIL rule changes come.

But let’s ignore all the legal jargon and focus on what will probably end up being the best news of 2021: we’re getting a college football game back. As for a cover athlete well here’s an idea...