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Join the And the Valley Shook Bracket Challenge!

The madness is back, let the brackets shake!

Yale v LSU Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

God it feels good to have March Madness back.

Know what’s better than March Madness? Having your team make the big dance and for the second time in three years LSU is NCAA Tournament-bound. That’s cause for celebration and a little friendly camaraderie.

Folks, I invite you all to join what I hope will be our new March tradition: And the Bracket Shook, our site’s bracket challenge. PodKatt is offering up ATVS koozies to the top-four finishers.

For those of you who have never played a bracket challenge, the rules are pretty simple. Make your picks, score points for getting games right. Hopefully your bracket doesn’t get busted right out of the gate like mine did a few years ago when I picked Iowa State to win the whole damn thing and they lost in the FIRST ROUND.


  1. Join the And the Valley Shook group on ESPN.
  2. Make your picks — traditional ESPN scoring rules apply.
  3. Only one entry per user — if you accidentally signed up with more than one and haven’t removed it before tipoff, none of your entries will be valid.
  4. Sign up now until the first tip on Friday.
  5. There are more terms and conditions that apply and you should read them here.

Sign up and tell your friends! I can’t tell you how empty I felt not having a bracket to fill out last year. I live for those few weeks each March when I compulsively check the ESPN Tournament Challenge app every other second. Hell I re-downloaded the app as I wrote this and it made me giddy.

Hope to see y’all there!