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Spring Football Practice No. 2 News and Notes

Myles Brennan meets with the media for the first time since his abdominal injury

Our long national nightmare is over: the beat bros were able to attend LSU spring football practice.

The Tigers took the field for the second time this spring and reporters were there to capture some of it, a sign that normalcy is (hopefully) returning.

A few players met with the media virtually after practice including senior quarterback Myles Brennan, his first interview since tearing his abdominal muscle in LSU’s 45-41 loss at Missouri.

You’ll be surprised to hear this, but a torn abdominal sounds like it REALLY fucking hurts!

“The defensive linemen landed on me from the back and I just kind of felt everything tear apart at that point,” Brennan said. “I remember my right knee got stuck in the turf, and his body weight came in from behind me and just kind of stretched my abdomen. Half my body was going towards the ground and the other half was getting hit from the back and it just ripped”

Brennan described it as the strangest injury he’s ever had. Brennan’s MRI was sent to NFL and MLB teams plus professional golf and tennis coaches and even they were perplexed by the injury.

“No one had ever seen an injury like this in this exact spot that I had it,” Brennan said. Brennan’s options were either let the injury try to heal on its own or get a unique surgery named after himself.

“(Brennan’s doctor) have never done surgery on this, so we’d be naming the surgery after you if you wanted to,” Brennan said.

But after months of letting the injury heal on its own, Brennan is back and hasn’t missed a workout since January.

“I feel 100 percent now,” Brennan said. “I’ve been back in the weight room since we got back in January. I feel strong, I feel healthy, I’m ready to go.”