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ATVS Roundtable: Draft Night Foods

The NFL Draft is tonight! What foods would the ATVS staff be snacking on?

Let’s say you’re hosting a get together for Thursday’s NFL Draft. What foods are you drafting to feed your guests? Pick a main food, a side, a snack/dessert and a drink


So for my main food, I’m going with Pizza. Toppings are whatever, just top everything off with some garlic powder, oregano and parmesan cheese. Side would be classic chips and guac. Dessert is ice cream. As is apparent, I have a VERY menu selection.

Also, bold draft teak, Racey McMath will be drafted before JaCoby Stevens.


First reminisce about the college days of the two-day drafts that have since gone to the wayside, getting a keg and drinking off that with your buddies as you sit back, put in a large order for some Pluckers (get on their level Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop) to eat off throughout the day and watch five rounds of a draft in one day.

Grown up me would of course be going with some hot wings, either homemade or make the short trek out to Pluckers still. Side is just a simple chip and dip variety (queso, salsa, French onion, etc.). Dessert goes to an ice cream bar to even out all the spicy wings.

For drinks I’m bringing out the Johnny Walker for the occasion, some Woodford Reserve, Jack and Coke for the mixers, and some nice Coronas if you’re in the beer mood or Revolver Blood & Honey if you want to start feeling good quickly with the beer.

Always loved the draft as I’m more of a college sports fan in general, so I’m engrossed in the players to watch even before the season is set to start. With a deep love of the draft comes the expectations of treating it like a marquee event for me.


Main food is gonna be a gigantic order of wings, side will be nachos, the dessert/snack is gonna be I don’t know M&Ms? I’m bad at this. Oh and for drinks, white claws, a bunch of ‘em, I’m 22.

If we’re doing draft takes, Marshall’s not going in the first round. He’s good enough as a player but the medicals plus the wide receiver depth is gonna prevent it.


Ah! The college football draft! The most exciting one of the year! It’s got the most coverage and the most emotion. Sorry hot take! My baseball loving heart just can’t get pumped after the 5th round of 40 (20 this year), but best believe I listen to all of em!

If my place were ready for a draft party this year, you better believe we’d be breaking out the loaded brisket nachos for the main course with some buffalo “man-dip” and homemade guac on the side! (Trying our best to keep Tostitos in business during trying times over here)! Dessert would be various ice creams with all the fixins. For drinks, my friends are of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety so we’d go for some deepsteeped Luzianne, and a fridge full of assorted seltzer’s.


Okay, the main dish I am taking is sliders. I am tempted to say burgers, but that seems just a little big so I will go with sliders. Sliders have a versatility that allows for them to be an excellent crowd pleaser. Just think of all the possible combos. I would take it at one, if I could.

Side: I am taking Hummus. Look, Hummus has longevity. It has been feeding people in the middle east for generations. Hummus has staying power. That is just a fact. It is also nutritious and stealthily versatile. Yes, it has flaws, its origin is hotly contested for example (I am of the Copts invented it belief). Still, when you take into account popularity, taste, and nutrition. Hummus is a strong ass offer for any party.

Dessert: Ice cream seems to be the consensus #1 pick here. I am going to go off the path and say cookies. There are many different types of cookies, but obviously chocolate chip. Gideon’s bakehouse in Florida has some amazing chocolate chip cookies btw. So, any pick that goes to the Florida teams should try them. Seriously, those things are fire.

Drinks: Margaritas. Again, it comes down to versatility. Margaritas can be a celebratory drink (Burrow goes 1!) or a drown out the sorrows drink (Saints don’t draft a Tiger.) it also seals the deal on a solid draft. I would serve this as a meal and feel pretty good about it.


I only ever care about LSU guys and Louisiana natives in the draft, so my food and beverage choices are mostly gonna follow the same theme. My main is gonna be boudin, specifically Billy’s pepper jack boudin balls, but I’ll get some links for the oldheads.

My side would be either a nice, hot crab dip or spinach and artichoke dip (heavy on the artichoke). I don’t think spin dip is technically Louisiana food, but it should be.

For a snack I would pick seasoned cracklins, but if I chose the dessert route instead, definitely slutty brownies. If you haven’t heard of these monstrosities, they’re brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough and Oreos baked inside, and they’re perfect — especially when my friend Sydney makes them.

Personally, I feel like the draft is too casual an event to bring out the liquor, so I’m picking up a couple of Abita Party Packs and calling it a day. Dibs on non-IPAs.


You’re telling me we’re seven picks in and Raising Cane’s is still on the board? That’s what draftheads call “value,” friends. Cane’s was always the move for Tiger Band parties and I’m going back to that well again in this scenario. For a side let’s tap Cane’s one more time and get a pan or two of toast. Speaking of tailgates, I worked at Canes for five years and if you’re the kind of person to walk in and order a tailgate on an LSU game day then there’s a special place in hell reserved for you. Call ahead people!

For a snack I’m going with Cheez Its provided I also get the funny little guys from the commercials, specifically the “I WOKE UP FEELING THE CHEESIEST COACH!” one.

And for a drink, well I’m not a drinker (nerd alert???) so how about I go with Dr. Pepper which is, as they say, the official drink of Fansville™️


Between boudin and Cane’s we have a bit of a Louisiana theme, so let’s just go nuts and boil crawfish. It’s late April and I’m having people over, why not? I’m sure saying crawfish will be served will entice more people to come over than saying we’re gonna be watching the NFL Draft.

Sides are tricky because sides are kind of included in the crawfish? But if we need another side dish then chips and queso/salsa/guac would be my pick. I swear I just can’t get full off of chips.

For dessert we will have cookie cake because it’s far and away my favorite type of cake. I’m picky when it comes to sweets.

And for drinks? Well since it’s a boil it will be a mostly outdoor occasion and since it’s starting to get warm this time of year let’s cool off with some daiquiris. But if any citizens of Fansville insists on Dr. Pepper their wishes will be granted.


Last year I got Blue Store and got home in time to see Burrow selected. So that’s good enough reason to make it a tradition. Nobody has picked fries up so I’ll take a waiver on the scrappy upstart. Good job gang. For a snack I’m going with Reese’s sticks stuck in the fridge.

The DVA Tailgating cocktail of choice is a Bug Zapper, and this is college football adjacent enough to count it and throw down a few.