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LSU to Conquer Moon, Possibly Entire Galaxy


Lunar Landing Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

Folks I have no other way to say this: LSU is going to space.

The Office of Research and Economic Development announced Tuesday that LSU will be the first university ON PLANET EARTH to put technology on the Moon. Next year the United States will be going back to the Moon for the first time since 1972 and technology built by five LSU students will be making the journey.

Those students are calling their radiation detection device the Tiger Eye 1 which...hell yeah. That’s a great name. You can read more about the project here.

The Tiger Eye 1 is part of what’s called an IM-1 mission, basically a series of flights to the Moon that will bring science and technology to its surface. The hope is that information from the Tiger Eye 1 and other missions will eventually lead to putting humans on Mars.

Katie Hostetler is one of the five students involved with the project and she is credited with coming up with the Tiger Eye 1’s fabulous mission patch.

Is being the only university literally on the planet to send technology into space more impressive than the 18 national championships Alabama claims in football? Hard to say but...yes! It is! Is it more impressive than Kentucky’s 31 SEC tournament titles in men’s basketball? Also yes! For those of you who are visual learners I broke down the data.

SEC Schools In Space

School Number of Moon Landings
School Number of Moon Landings
Alabama 0
Arkansas 0
Auburn 0
Florida 0
Georgia 0
Kentucky 0
Mississippi State 0
Missouri 0
Ole Miss 0
South Carolina 0
Tennessee 0
Texas A&M 0
Vanderbilt 0

I have to say I admire LSU’s plan to literally conquer the galaxy. Think of how inconsequential a 9-3 year in football or baseball losing a Super Regional will feel after LSU colonizes the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Nick Saban won his 25th national title and then signed his 34th consecutive No. 1 recruiting class? Who cares! LSU will have a Cane’s on Saturn by then!