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It’s Here! Homefield Apparel’s Vintage LSU Collection is Live!

Get your hands on the best vintage LSU merchandise there is courtesy of Homefield Apparel

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LSU fans, the day has finally arrived. Homefield Apparel has just released their officially licensed LSU vintage apparel collection and it’s everything we ever wanted.

Homefield dug through the LSU archives to bring to life logos that have been previously lost to history and turns them into unique and thoughtful designs. Take for example their shirt of the week. Just seeing Dan Borné’s words transports me to a warm September night playing those iconic first four notes of pregame with The Golden Band from Tigerland inside Tiger Stadium.

There’s also a whole host of other goodness in here. Need some vintage LSU hoops swag that harkens back to the days of Shaq and Chris Jackson? Homefield has Dunking Mike the Tiger and it’s my single favorite piece in the entire collection. Want to go super vintage? They’ve got shirts commemorating the 1958 national championship football team. They’ve also got hoodies and long sleeve shirts and everything is just oh so comfy. I promise you’ve never had any shirts softer than the Homefield goodness and you won’t want to miss out on their extremely good LSU collection.

Get yours here and get yours now! And as a special gift from our friends at Homefield, use promo code ATVS for 15 percent off your order!