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Homefield Apparel Teases LSU For Big New Saturday Week 2

The best vintage LSU merchandise will soon be available for your enjoyment

It’s finally happening y’all: the Good Brand is Callin’ Baton Rouge.

Homefield Apparel has launched its second season of Big New Saturday last week by dropping an excellent assortment of Notre Dame swag. Now in week two of BNS your Fightin’ Tigers of LSU are getting the long overdue Homefield treatment.

For those unaware of who Homefield is, they are the cream of the crop in terms of college sports apparel. They’re basically the 2019 LSU Tigers of clothing. They have the coolest designs that lean into the respective school’s history, and the softness in their clothing is next level. Imagine the comfiest shirt you own and amplify it by a billion. Even the missus has been known to try and swipe one of the shirts I own because they’re just that comfy.

If you haven’t seen some of Homefield’s previous work, here’s their Notre Dame collection from last week:

The LSU edition of Big New Saturday will officially go live at noon eastern on June 12. We’ll have a special promo code for you, our beloved readers of And the Valley Shook, coming along with some other information on the site, Twitter (@ATVShook), and our YouTube channel.