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Better Know a Freshman: Peyton Todd

He’s a punter

Peyton Todd

The Story

The only three entries on his 247 recruiting timeline are “commits to LSU, signs with LSU, and enrolls at LSU.” There’s really not much of a story

The Numbers

247 Composite Ranking: ***

247 Composite Rating: 0.8351

The Film

He’s a punter what do you want me to say? He punts it far and it goes to good places.

The Future

I mean he’s probably gonna start right away and hopefully punt for four years. I have no idea how to project punters though. Kid’s got a big leg.

High End: Is really good at punting for four years but rarely sees the field because punting is bad.

Low End: Isn’t really that good at punting and LSU gets another punter.

Realistic: Punts, again I have no idea how to project or evaluate punters, certainly not based on only highlight tape. Kid’s gonna hit some boomers though.