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Better Know a Freshman: Saivion Jones

Perfect frame for a 4 down DE.

Sonny Shipp, 247 Sports

It’s not exactly a secret what Ed Orgeron is looking for in edge rushers, and how he is looking to construct his defensive front. He wants to be a four-down team, and he needs the tall, long, strong defensive end prototypes to do that. Enter the 6’5” Saivion Jones.

The Story

Jones waited a little bit to enjoy the recruiting process before committing, but he was local and LSU was by far his biggest significant offer, he was always gonna end up at LSU.

The Numbers

247 Composite Ranking: ****

247 Composite Rating: 0.9292

The Film

First thing you notice about Saivion Jones is how explosive his get off is. The guy can burst out of his stance and get downhill very quickly. That kind of get off and speed with a 6’5” frame provides a really solid raw framework for an edge rusher that can be molded into a special player. He needs to work on actual pass rushing technique and put about 10-15 pounds on his frame but the framework is there.

The Future

Huge range of outcomes here. With a fair bit of development he can be a really solid college edge rusher, but when such development is required, you could easily see it just not materialize. High upside, but could get lost in the shuffle

High End: Carves out a role as a go-to edge defender in a post Ali Gaye world

Low End: Gets lapped by subsequent LSU recruits and depth players in the race to get snaps at edge, transfers.

Realistic: I bet he has a pretty solid, Andre Anthony esque career.