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What To Watch For: McNeese State

Cody Orgeron walks into Death Valley with the intention of ending his dad’s LSU career.

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This week brings LSU a get right game, a luxury they were not afforded a year ago. McNeese rolls into town having just lost to West Florida, a D2 school who doesn’t even have a logo show up on ESPN, so I think we’re good this week. LSU needs to tighten up their assignments, dig into their playbook for adjustments, and explore depth pieces.

For McNeese

Cody vs Ed

There’s not a lot for you, an LSU fan, to watch for on the McNeese side this week. It’s an FCS team, and not really a good one (I mean, they lost to a D2 team). That said, the idea of Ed Orgeron’s son walking into Baton Rouge to face his embattled father would be really incredible theatre if this were an actual competitive matchup. It’s an incredible story still, but LSU is very likely to put Cody Orgeron in the dirt quite a bit. Cody is a talented player though, let’s see what he can do against his dad.


Protection structure

I know it’s McNeese, so LSU can actually probably get away with protecting empty, but the insistence on empty protections (with a bad OL) and the dropback quick game is the biggest root of LSU’s offensive issues. I’m very interested to see if they try to show off some 7-man protections and what pass concepts they’d run in front of them.


I feel like I wrote that one every week last year, but LSU continues to have problems with basic defensive assignments. Busted coverages, guys in the wrong gaps, etc. plagued LSU against UCLA. This is a good opportunity to tighten up those assignments and test more complex schemes and the assignments within


This is a great chance for freshman like Jack Bech, Brian Thomas Jr, Chris Hilton, Garrett Nussmeier, Sage Ryan, and Derrick Davis to get on the field and show their talent. The thing to watch for in these games is always the talented youth, other than that, there really isn’t a bunch, it’s an FCS team.