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Playing Dirty: Mississippi State

Let’s not get Leached again

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for SEC football. Landon Young from For Who the Cowbell Tolls is here to answer the IMPORTANT questions regarding Mississippi State football ahead of the big game tomorrow.

1. How are State fans recovering after losing a well-played, fairly officiated, fair-and-square game to the Memphis Tigers? That’s gotta hurt. Sure they’re an AAC team but they didn’t even get a Big 12 invite!

...I was tempted not to respond to this question, and in my response, I won’t answer the question. Here’s what I’d like to see Saturday... Every single punt (we might have a few), I want to see our guys hand the football to the referee... just to be sure ya know?

2. Okay but for real, I can’t believe that happened from SEC refs! I mean I can believe they fucked up a call but one that so greatly screws over an SEC team in a non-conference game is pretty crazy. Hypothetical: if MSU were to leave the SEC which conference would you prefer them to join? Refs suck everywhere so don’t pretend that’s a factor.

I would choose the Big 12. You still get TV time, and I believe we’d compete for conference champion every year.

3. I didn’t really keep track of MSU football after they defeated LSU last year so I’m assuming KJ Costello shredded the rest of the SEC and was drafted Top 5 right?

HA! You would certainly assume so. Welcome to the Willy Rogers era where you can throw for 420 yards, 3 TD’s, and still lose to an AAC opponent! As you can tell, I’m totally over that loss last Saturday.

4. This game will kick off at 11 a.m. How can you possibly justify morning cowbells?

It’s a joke that this game was placed on the 11 a.m. slot. Thank you, Alabama vs. Southern Miss for taking our first SEC night game in Davis Wade away from us. We really appreciate it.

5. The last time State beat LSU two meetings in a row was exactly 30 years ago: 1990 and 1991. Do you think Mike Leach’s political beliefs have anything to do with the fact that State wins over LSU happen to coincide with the falls of massive Communist regimes?

Oh, certainly. History repeats itself. We’re in a new era of SEC football where Mississippi State can lose to Memphis one weekend and turn around and beat LSU the next! See you tomorrow morning.