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Week 2 SEC Odds

Duke’s Mayo Classic - Georgia v Clemson Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

After a whole host of intriguing week one games (Bama-Miami! Georgia-Clemson! LSU-UCLA!) the week two slate is a little more dull by comparison. And that’s especially true seeing as the LSU-McNeese game isn’t even on DraftKings board. But that’s not stopping our partners at DraftKings from posting lines for games across the conference.

On to week 2.

Lines as of September 9. Games not listed Mercer vs. Alabama, McNeese State vs. LSU, Alabama State vs. Auburn, and Austin Peay vs. Ole Miss

PItt vs. Tennessee

Spread: Pitt -3 (-115); Tennessee +3 (-105)

Over/Under: 57 (-105 over, -115 under)

Moneyline: Pitt (-155); Tennessee (+135)

Hold up are you telling me you’re considering putting some of your hard earned money on Pitt vs Tennessee? Absolutely not. Total stay away, just enjoy the comedy.

South Carolina vs. East Carolina

Spread: South Carolina -2 (-110); East Carolina +2 (-110)

Over/Under: 57 (+100 over, -120 under)

Moneyline: South Carolina (-125); East Carolina (+105)

Florida vs. South Florida

Spread: Florida -29 (-105); South Florida +29 (+115)

Over/Under: 58 (-115 over, under -105)

Moneyline: Florida (-5000); South Florida (+2000)

All I’ll say is that’s an awfully big line for a Florida team that didn’t look all that impressive last week against FAU.

UAB vs. Georgia

Spread: UAB +24.5 (-110); Georgia -24.5 (-110)

Over/Under: 45 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: UAB (+1400); Georgia (-3000)

I wouldn’t touch this game either seeing as there’s next to no chance of a payout. Unless that’s a typo on DraftKings part, they’re saying you’d need to bet $110 to win $100 regardless if Georgia covers or not, and the same applies for the over. The only way you’d win money is if you take UAB on the moneyline (meaning they’d have to straight up beat the Dawgs) and that’s probably not happening.

Texas A&M vs. Colorado

Spread: Texas A&M -17 (-110); Colorado +17 (-110)

Over/Under: 50 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Texas A&M (-900); Colorado (+600)

Same logic applies for the Aggies-Buffs game. There’s no value here unless you’re picking Colorado to win on the moneyline and that again doesn’t seem likely.

Texas vs. Arkansas

Spread: Texas -7 (-105); Arkansas +7 (-115)

Over/Under: 56 (over-105, under -115)

Moneyline: Texas (-255); Arkansas (+205)

I’d have thought Texas would be a bigger favorite even on the road against an Arkansas team that had a tough time with Rice last week.

North Carolina State vs. Mississippi State

Spread: NC State -2.5 (-120); Mississippi State +2.5 (+100)

Over/Under: 55.5 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: NC State (-140); Mississippi State (+120)

Like the Pitt-Tennessee game I’ll enjoy this game far more as just an observer than someone who has actual money on this.

Missouri vs. Kentucky

Spread: Mizzou +5 (-105); Kentucky -5 (-115)

Over/Under: 56.5 (over -105, under -115)

Moneyline: Missouri (+180); Kentucky (-220)

First conference game of the year and the Cats open as a near-touchdown favorite at home against a Missouri team that got more than it wanted from a frisky Central Michigan squad.

Vanderbilt vs. Colorado State

Spread: Vandy +7 (-110), Colorado State -7 (-110)

Over/Under: 50 (-110 either way)

Moneyline: Vanderbilt (+220); Colorado State (-275)

Fortunately for potential bettors out there Vanderbilt’s game vs. ETSU wasn’t on the board because the Commodores laid a massive egg in a 23-3 loss at home.