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Gamethread: #12 LSU vs. Vanderbilt, 12:00 P.M., SEC Network

LSU hosts Vandy in the annual We Back Pat game

The LSU women’s hoops team (16-2, 4-1) is back on the PMAC floor hoping for an easier game Sunday than Thursday night’s OT thriller against Missouri.

Opposite of LSU is Vanderbilt a team (10-7, 1-2) that’s rebuilding but showing signs of promise in year one of the Shea Ralph era.

“Vanderbilt is competitive in game,” Kim Mulkey said. “They’re winning games. Much improved. When you watch her teams play, they’re playing hard. They realize what their deficiencies are of the offensive end so they’re making up for it on the defensive end.”

“She’s instilling a sense of urgency, a sense of passion in how hard they play.”

Sunday also marks the beginning of the 11th annual We Back Pat week across the SEC. Schools will try to bring awareness to the Pat Summit Foundation, which was launched in 2011 after Summit was diagnosed with early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s type.

Mulkey spoke at great lengths about her relationship with Summit in her press conference leading up to Sunday’s game.