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NFLSU Divisional Round Recap

An LSU Tiger will be a Super Bowl LVI Champion

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The NFL playoffs are down to four! With a certain team’s loss, every team still alive has an LSU player on its active roster. Let’s get into who they are.

Bengals 19 at Titans 16

The Legend of Joe Burrow is somehow even greater. After 31 years without winning a playoff game, Joe Burrow has now done it twice as a Cincinnati Bengal. Saturday’s victory was the franchise’s first ever playoff win on the road. While Burrow didn’t find the end zone and did throw an INT that wasn’t his fault, he went 28-37 for 348 yards. Still being alive after getting sacked nine times is an impressive feat, leading a game-winning drive is even crazier.

The top-seeded Titans made sure to stop Ja’Marr Chase and held him to... 109 yards on five catches. Here he is burning his former college AND high school teammate Kristian Fulton!

Fulton had a tough time on Chase (I mean who doesn’t?) he was still one of Tennessee’s better DBs and had six tackles. Racey McMath also played special teams and ran a few routes for the Titans. As a special bonus, Tyler Shelvin got some good time out there for the Bengals.

The Bengals are playing with house money, but they won’t be an easy out next week. I think we’re all gonna have to get used to seeing Joe Burrow deep in the playoffs. I have a feeling it’ll be an annual occurrence soon.

NFLSU Score: 9/10

49ers 13 at Packers 10

Arden Key recorded his weekly one tackle, but it was enough to eliminate the Packers, the lone team without an LSU player remaining. Good riddance.

NFLSU Score: 1/10

Rams 30 at Buccaneers 27

This game..... holy shit. We’ll get into the LSU stuff, but this game was a perfect example of how sometimes bad football is more entertaining. If this game had been played competently it would not have been anything super special. But this? It was special.

Odell Beckham Jr. had a nice 69 yards receiving on six catches. Sure Cooper Kupp is getting the headlines, but OBJ didn’t fumble to give the Bucs new life. Beckham was also, unsurprisingly, the life of the party in the postgame locker room.

I couldn’t be happier that this dude is finally experiencing playoff success after so many great years on such bad teams. He deserves this.

Andrew Whitworth missed this game with an injury, but should be good to go next week. Papa Bear rides again.

Despite the loss, Leonard Fournette was massive for the Bucs. Playoff Lenny lived up to the name with 107 total yards and 2 TDs. Cyril Grayson unfortunately had an injury. He probably could’ve helped that ineffective Tampa QB out there.

Devin White racked up eight tackles, but somehow wasn’t involved in any of the bajillion Rams fumbles. Either way, what a goddamn game.

NFLSU Score: 8/10

Bills 36 at Chiefs 42 (OT)

Remember how I said that last game was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen? The Bills and Chiefs asked us to hold their beers and played possibly the best professional football game I’ve ever seen.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire returned from injury and ran pretty effectively, putting up 60 yards on seven carries. He did drop a TD, but looked pretty good overall. Darrel Williams didn’t play due to an injury. Tyrann Mathieu started but unfortunately was lost to a concussion on the opening drive. Hopefully we see him back out there next week. Reid Ferguson snapped the ball for a lot of extra points and a few punts.

So next week it’s Joe Burrow/Ja’Marr Chase/Tyler Shelvin vs Clyde Edwards-Helaire/Darrel Williams/ Tyrann Mathieu in the AFC.

In the NFC it’s Arden Key vs Odell Beckham Jr and Andrew Whitworth.

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