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NFLSU Championship Weekend Recap

The LSU Tigers are well represented in Super Bowl LVI

Syndication: The Enquirer Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The stage is set. Six former LSU player are on the rosters for Super Bowl LVI, but four of them are four of the most beloved to ever wear purple and gold. Let’s break it down.

AFC Championship Game: Bengals 27 at Chiefs 24 (OT)

Two years ago Joe Burrow cemented himself as a legend in Louisiana. Now, with just 29 NFL starts under his belt, he has proven to the whole world he is the real deal. I’m just gonna write out a quick timeline for y’all to understand how absurdly quickly he has taken over the NFL.

12/29/19: The Cincinnati Bengals finish the season 2-14.

4/23/20: The Bengals draft Joe Burrow first overall.

9/13/20: Burrow makes his first career NFL start without preseason due to a COVID-shortened training camp.

11/22/20: Burrow tears his ACL and MCL, he undergoes surgery 10 days later. The Bengals finish the season 4-11-1 without him.

4/29/21: Bengals draft Ja’Marr Chase fifth overall.

9/12/21: Burrow makes his first start after surgery.

1/2/22: Burrow leads the Bengals back from down 14 against the Chiefs to win the AFC North.

1/15/22: The Bengals win their first playoff game in 31 years.

1/22/22: The Bengals win a playoff game on the road for the first time in franchise history.

1/30/22: Burrow leads the Bengals back from down 18 against the Chiefs to go to Super Bowl LVI. He is The One.

Burrow went 23-38 for 250 yards, two TDs and one interception. The entire Chiefs defense focused on stopping Ja’Marr Chase after he torched them in Week 17. He still caught six passes for 54 and a clutch fourth quarter TD. Neither recorded statistics, but Tyler Shelvin and Thaddeus Moss are going to the Super Bowl too. As you saw in the thumbnail, Tyler and Joe recreated their iconic post-Alabama celebration.

For the Chiefs Clyde Edwards-Helaire had 36 yards on six carries. Demoting CEH to RB2 is the direct cause of the Chiefs’ downfall, you cannot convince me otherwise. Tyrann Mathieu also had five tackles. Our sub-six foot kings will rise again in September.

While we love continuing to root for and celebrate these amazing players from that historic 2019 team, let’s not forget what an awesome moment this is for the city of Cincinnati. A lot of big media tried to propel a narrative he would refuse to play for the Bengals, some people insisted it would be a perfect pairing. I couldn’t be happier for the city and these four guys. Now onto the opponent.

NFLSU Score: 10/10

49ers 17 at Rams 20

After losing six straight to San Francisco, the Rams finally realized Jimmy G isn’t good and saved us from having to watch him in a Super Bowl again.

Here’s what I said about the Rams back in Week 10: “Despite two straight blowout losses the Rams are still in Super Bowl contention and if you need a team with LSU ties to bandwagon there aren’t many guys who deserve a shot at a ring more than Andrew Whitworth and Odell Beckham.”

After missing last week due to injury, the 40-year-old Whitworth returned for his final push for a Super Bowl ring, which will now be against his former team. On the outside, Odell Beckham was huge with nine catches for 113 yards. This was probably his best game since his Giants days. For years OBJ was the face of NFLSU, and it still hasn’t hit me yet that he’s actually playing in the Super Bowl after so many years on terrible Giants and Browns teams. I’m so happy for these two guys.

NFLSU Score: 9/10

While most LSU fans are planted on the Bengals bandwagon, a Rams win would be something to celebrate for those two guys. Whitworth has been in the NFL for 16 years and finally has a real shot to win it all. Meanwhile Odell was thrilling and if we’re being honest his success in the NFL from 2014-16 probably helped LSU land a few recruits. Yeah he’s banned from campus but that’s because NCAA rules were still archaic bullshit two years ago. If you’re mad he gave money to those players you’re a loser.

What’s cool about these six players is the Nick Saban, Les Miles and Ed Orgeron eras are all represented in the game. Also shoutout to Max for pointing out that Rams WR Ben Skowronek is representing Brian Kelly technically.

We see LSU players in the Super Bowl every year, but this one is special. Two long time LSU ambassadors vs. the two best players from the best LSU team ever. This is gonna be fun.

Until I remembered Aaron Donald is going against the Bengals offensive line. Oh God.