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Link Gumbo-Season is halfway done

And it is going as expected

Tennessee v LSU
Involvement from Number 7- Needs to come from his side as well
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Went on vacation and came back to a different vibe. And I think we will experience more up and downs. Tennessee is good this year folks, I am not upset about losing to a top 10 team. Not stoked about getting smoked, but there will be teams that we just can’t keep up with offensively. But waking up to read how our special teams is still way out of sorts is a major issue. Polian is our Recruiting Coordinator, he’s Kelly’s right hand man, and boy oh boy is he putting himself in a precarious position with the fan base. The good news, we have Frank Wilson who can step into that spot. The bad news, I don’t think it will come open.

Damone Clark is rehabbing back into playing form and Cowboys fans are excited. Will Campbell is back at practice. Florida is not a good match up for LSU, they have potential to really expose our DLine depth and our Linebacking issues. The Swamp is never easy and unless we get some miracle break out game from Daniels I see this being a slog fest. There are games that carry more weight, and Florida is one of them. But so is Ole Miss and Bama. The game in the Superdome that we all had circled. And a new humorist joins the weekly video fold.

I forgot they have Jabril Cox as well, but Damone is looking in good form:

What the Dallas Cowboys can expect from LSU LB Damone Clark (

This is great news:

LSU offensive tackle Will Campbell expected to play against Florida (

More than a little, gonna need to add some “big details” to this list:

LSU players focused on cleaning up “little details” with Florida on the horizon (

A loss in the swamp isn’t that big of a deal, but a blow out would be:

LSU football: Season will look a lot worse if Tigers lose to Florida (

The greatest National Championship Receiver performance of all time:

Its a complete copy of Annie Agar with an SEC spin