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How To Football: Week 7

Time to get your corn from a jar.

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Permacloud Shift

  • Penn State-Michigan: We’re never going to decline a top 10 matchup, but this also begins a brutal stretch for the Nittany Lions who play the Wolverines, Minnesota and Ohio State before the month is up.
  • Kansas-Oklahoma: No Jalon Daniels probably sinks this game for the Jayhawks and that’s brutal, but let’s not forget that Kansas took it to Oklahoma last year when the Jayhawks were worse (and without Daniels) and Oklahoma was allegedly better. Down but not out.
  • Auburn-Ole Miss: Game will suck, but the Tarmac Rating will be high.
  • Minnesota-Illinois: Looking like a pretty good game! I hate to say it but Illinois looks good and this game has major Big Ten West implications.

Third Shift In October

  • Alabama-Tennessee: Either the Vols do the damn thing and break the streak old enough to drive or we great tremendous content. No losing here.
  • Oklahoma State-TCU: I know I say this often, but Oklahoma State is fun again and SP+ is calling it a dead toss-up with a projected margin of 0. The Big 12 has mostly changed from its shootout past, but we may get a live one here.
  • Arkansas-BYU: Two things here: 1) I think Arkansas might be secretly ass and 2) rumors of BYU’s demise post-Zach Wilson were greatly exaggerated.
  • NC State-Syracuse: Did you know that this is a top 20 matchup? Because it is! Also Syracuse is undefeated, just don’t look into how they got to 5-0 the past two weeks.

Free Shoes Shift

  • LSU-Florida: Sigh
  • Clemson-Florida State: I’m sure Florida State will keep this a game for the majority of the game before capitulating to Clemson some time late in the third, as is the custom of our time.
  • USC-Utah: Utah’s had a pretty disappointing season compared to recent history, but they still have a very winnable game against the Trojans before Riley gets them up and running/they depart the conference.
  • Mississippi State-Kentucky: Say it with me y’all: styles make matchups. And these are two teams with opposing styles.

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • Air Force-UNLV: The Falcons have a very real shot at walking away with the Mountain West, but first they have to get past a UNLV team that is starting to punch above their weight. The game is in The Roomba for good measure.
  • San Jose State-Fresno State: Remember when iI said how UNLV was punching above their weight? Yeah, the Spartans beat them 40-7 last week and their lone loss is a tight game to Auburn. My eyes will be firmly locked on to the mountain and the west this Saturday night.