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Link Gumbo: GATAH

Call it the ‘Perception Bowl”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Missouri at Florida
We got the better coach, but this game won’t make us feel that way
Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We lean into the Gators today. Quite honestly, this team has been our greatest rival over the last 20 years. Important games. Insane games. Upsets. Chaos. Vitriol. And even results with both teams winning their fairs share. It doesn’t feel like we have a lot riding on the line, but boy oh boy do we. Coming out of this game 3-1 in conference play changes the tenor for the season. Muting the grumblings of who was the better hire and candidate would be nice for one off season. I see Richardson having a big game. I see the swamp being full throat. And I see this coming down to the wire. And with flimsy special teams I am more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full or rocking chairs.

A walk down memory lane of the absolute insanity we have witnessed over just the last 5 years! Who to watch for on the Gators sideline. A subtle reminder that our lack of depth will bring no immediate solution to our special teams woes. A little dive into LSU producing NFL ready WRs at such an incredible rate. What’s on the line for both programs. And finally, a breakdown with one of my favorite LSU QBs of all time

This series has been even more insane than Auburn:

LSU vs. Florida: The wild recent history of the rivalry (

It feels like every game has been close since Spurrier left.

They do have WRs, and of course we will learn their names this weekend:

LSU vs. Florida: Five things to know about Gators in Week 7 (

What it appears they don’t have is a stout D Line, but I expect that to change if our QB continues to pull the ball down and allow the D to creep up to the LOS.

Just another reminder of how much depth we need to gather over the next 2 recruiting cycles:

Column: Patience is Needed: Why LSU has had an up and down year | Sports |

Michael Clayton Started it, Dwayne Bowe really took it to the next level, then came OBJ:

LSU legacy of NFL WRs: From OBJ, Landry to Chase, Jefferson - New Orleans Saints Blog- ESPN

LSU has been producing WR for more than 20 years. I’m glad Landry and OBJ get some love, but let’s not forget that Dwayne Bowe was an unstoppable force for 2-3 years in KC

The biggest storyline is which fan base will be happier with their coach in 2 years:

Biggest Storylines: LSU vs. Florida - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

What a breakdown. And you see the plays are there. It will change your perspective:

Caskey’s Clicker W/ Coach Kyle Caskey & Rohan Davey | LSU vs Tennessee Recap | Saints Film Recap - YouTube

Thanks to Mensa’s comment on Max’s article, I took the time to go watch this. And it can be infuriating, but it shows that plays are there. I continue to believe this offense has potential, but eventually those plays have to be MADE.