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Instant Reaction: LSU 45, Florida 35

It got close, but LSU makes it four in a row against Florida

Syndication: Gator Sports Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

Look, I’m gonna choose to ignore that LSU is still horrific on special teams, that LSU should have had a blowout and let Florida crawl back into it, and that Florida isn’t great. I’m going to focus on how WELL Jayden Daniels and the LSU receivers played. While Jayden Daniels is going to be the focus of the narrative, LSU’s vaunted WR group finally looked the part, taking over the game, generating separation, and creating plays for themselves and their offense. Yes, Daniels was at his sharpest, but so were Boutte, Thomas Jr., and Jaray Jenkins. They balled out.

After a back-and-forth beginning that made it look like this would be a diet version of Bama-Tennessee, LSU strung together a few stops while not stopping their offensive onslaught. They eventually got out to a 42-21 lead in the early third but allowed it to be chipped away. Florida got it to 42-35. From there, LSU really nutted up and, with the benefit of a timely roughing the passer call, went on a long, clock-killing drive that resulted in a field goal. While the end dragged on as a result of some reviews, from there, it wasn’t in much doubt. Tigers win.

Jayden Daniels and his WRs need to keep this up and build on it, if they do, that changes the outlook for this LSU team QUITE a bit. Good on them.