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Link Gumbo: Melty Melty Meltdown TIME!!

Have you ever been so angry at the refs that you decided to swing a cactus???

Syndication: The Knoxville News-Sentinel
Good for you Vols, now welcome the anxiety of true expectations
Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

I know I missed Monday and Imma let you finish but let me tell you about my favorite Holidays:

1.) Christmas

2.) Thanksgiving

3.) the day after a Bama Loss

4.) July 4th

We will absolutely get to the awesomeness of the Florida win. It was the passing game break out I was hoping to see, and the vibe of the season has changed. And Ole Miss will be an incredible test on our D line and Linebacking Crew, Lane is too good of a coach to not test and try to exploit our defensive challenges.

But man oh man. If they can dish it, they should be able to take it. Directly stealing from This Week in Schadenfruede as well as the beauty of Barking Carnival, the Meltdown thread on RBR placed itself into appointment reading. Craftily managed, they scoured the message boards to eviscerate emotions of losing teams. Where it lost its luster was 2019. Coincidentally, after 8 years of hubris, they forgot to post their own Meltdown after the LSU loss. Work or something got in the way of a piece that ran unstopped for 10 straight years. That’s fine. Until they happened to lose to an even bigger rival in Auburn and simply chose not to publish. Internet went out. And up until 3 weeks ago, Meltdown went on like clockwork. Now their reasons for shutting it down were fully understandable, look it up on your own, they said their piece and laid the beauty to bed. And I’m not here to revive it. I’m just here to post the funniest vids I could find about Bama losing. Comments take wayyyyy too long

Kudos to Bama, they’ve been on such a great run that losses are a big deal. All it took was Tennessee finally being good for once in 15 years for them to realize how much an SEC yearly cross division rival can mess with your overall plans.

I want folks to enjoy it. The first text I got from my Bama friends after the 2019 win in T Town was not congratulatory, it was we will see you in the CFP without having to play UGA in the SEC Championship. Welp, that didn’t happen. But enjoy it UT, you might have to play them again. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


Go back and watch this 3 times. It’s Marvelous

I am guilty of adding the T Town lyrics, and I will no longer add them moving forward

Once every 3 years he makes a MEME. He’s STILL GOT IT folks

Every Tweet Should be Spencer

Poseur admitting what helps a dynasty out tremendously


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