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Link Gumbo: Let’s Revel and then let’s Rebel

Transition Wednesday

Interior D Line will need to SHINE
Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It never gets old. Winning in the swamp is a privilege we should never take for granted. We have been waiting on this passing game break out. Florida provided some lack of star talent that we needed to exploit. Kayshon looked like the fastest player on the field. There arestill some timing issues to remedy, but that will come with time. And my goodness is Will Campbell a STAR.

And this isn’t 2014. We will not win if we try to play peek a boo with our running game. It is Ole Miss who brings the stable this time, and if our D Line can’t get push and our edges can’t be built then we are in for a long day like last year.

It’s super Rare. But it is a MASSIVE POSITIVE this year

Freshmen starting tackles are unusual, so how are LSU’s Will Campbell and Emery Jones pulling it off? | LSU |

Bad angles and bad tackling CAN NOT carry into this weekend

LSU Football: Grading the Defense Against Florida - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

I am incredibly excited to see what Matt House brings. Lane just sets you up, even if the plays may not seem to work, but especially when they are working. And we don’t have the DBs to leave on an island to set 8 in the box. Against UT I thought we would see Perkins have his break out game, that did not occur, what an opportunity he has this Saturday.

I like the demeanor of this article

How LSU receiver Kayshon Boutte adapted to Tigers offense (

He comes across as thankful and patient. And I hope the patience pays off. If they get on the same page we are a completely different team. And remember the last time Kayshon went off?? Who was that against?

Will and the Thrill make the list

247Sports’ Midseason True Freshman All-American Team for 2022

Our next Whitworth. Our next Devin. And I expect Emory to make these lists at the end of the year.

Wait. What? somebody acknowledging Kelly’s success and program building??

The Monday After: Notre Dame’s struggles may leave Irish fans with unwelcome-but-familiar feeling -

He built things up?? THEN HE ADAPTED???? WHAT???????????????

I only post this because I am so happy for Palmer and still wish he was on this team