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Instant Reactions: LSU 45, Ole Miss Hell

LSU spotted them a lot, then ran them out of the building.

Syndication: The Daily Advertiser SCOTT CLAUSE/USA TODAY Network / USA TODAY NETWORK

You know you’re a good team when you can take a quarter off against a top-10 team, spot them a 17-3 lead, and literally run them out of the building.

Early on, LSU had no answers for all the run-pass conflict that Ole Miss puts a defense into. They threw the ball on RPOs and play-action all over the yard, ending in TDs as the LSU offense moved the ball, but stalled in the red zone for FGs. As a result, Ole Miss took a 14-point lead. Given how this season has gone, that’s no problem.

From there, the LSU offense ground them into dust on the ground, using Jayden Daniels on zone read explosively, and moved the ball at will. On defense, Matt House adjusted and teed off on their run game, forcing them into obvious passing situations and teeing off again. The fact of the matter is, LSU showed the heart they’ve shown all year but also showed that they can incinerate a good football team.

That slapped, I wish I were there, let’s go play for control of the SEC West in two weeks. Geaux Tigers.