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Link Gumbo: Victory Monday

All of a sudden, things seem familiar

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Ole Miss v LSU
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Welp. How about this Freshman class? I don’t think Devin White even looked this freakish his freshman year. But alas, Harold Perkins has the blitzing timing of Marcel Brooks and the Honey Badger, the edge speed Jevon Kearse, and the Body frame of Secretariat. It is easy to pop when the coach just tells you “see ball, get ball” but man on man that is DUDE. And so are the two on our O Line. JD simply doesn’t look as good as he does if the entire line doesn’t develop like it has. I think JD gives Bama all they can handle. And I hope Kayshoun makes Eli Ricks lose money in two weekends. We are bowl eligible folks!

Bode gives some nuggets and pieces together some theories:

LSU final thoughts: Harold Perkins’ impact, putting the game in Jayden Daniels’ hands - The Athletic

He’s right on Perkins. He’s right on JD. And he’s right about momentum. I feel completely different about Bama than I did two weeks ago. Especially Bama on the road this year.

This is the messaging that I hope keeps rolling on

LSU football: Brian Kelly praises ‘outstanding’ wideout Kayshon Boutte after Ole Miss romp (

Get involved, Learn your strengths. Play your best in big games.

Awesome way to raise money for Charity. And I forgot about 2018 UGA!

LSU fined $250,000 for field storming after win over Ole Miss (

the Title threw me off, but there is a good point about our division

Tell the Truth Monday: LSU might be best in sub-par SEC West (

Bama usually has it figured out by now. And kudos to them on penalties against state. But they can get GOT this year. Ole Miss doesn’t have the horses outside like they have shown in recent years. MSUs demise is based on their defensive line not having one uber talented star to disrupt. And Arky and A&M are turning into disappointments. Tennessee helps the reputation of the east, but I still think the road goes through the west.


College football bowl projections: LSU raises profile as Clemson, Oklahoma State, Oregon survive challenges -

so simple...yet so funny