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Link Gumbo: Heal up to deal up

RBR is right, Bama is turning into a 2 person team

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Ole Miss v LSU
New Attitude, who dis?
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

We are getting a ton of mid season long forms about the status of each program, and boy, did that Ole Miss win make it fun to hop websites and get a pulse. In essence, LSU looks on the up and up. And that isn’t just in relation to football. Remember how much fun it was to read the free LSU propaganda leading up to the Super Bowl with Burrow and Chase? We are getting the same for baseball with Bregman and Nola. Kelly will be intertwined with Jimbo due to similar contract structures, but they couldn’t look any different right now. JDs performance opened a lot of eyes this week. And more conjecture on how LSU is building a ton of momentum at just the right time. The west is on the line folks.


I finally learned how to insert a pull quote baby!!! Next stop, the New York Times!!!

They were roomates, and I can’t imagine the traffic trying to make its way to that room

Former LSU Stars Aaron Nola, Alex Bregman to Meet in World Series - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

We don’t need future first round picks on every team, but boy do they help! And there is no better recruiting tool than showing prospects that LSU produces two stars leading their teams to the WS.

We are mashing people with our QB runs and it is breaking efficiency scales

Monday Down South: As the Jimbo Fisher project unravels, Texas A&M is getting exactly what it bargained for (

The good side of the coin:

Best, worst of SEC: LSU getting its money’s worth, Texas A&M is not, spicy Shane Beamer - The Athletic

Very in depth, but a fun reminders of the valleys we already have walked through this year

Miller: LSU’s win over Ole Miss shows Brian Kelly’s process is already working - The Athletic

What a difference a game makes:

College football Week 8 winners, losers, overreactions: Miami hits another low as Oregon continues to soar -

The main factor here is belief, you saw it in the first game comeback against FSU

A combination of factors made this LSU team capable of pulling off big comebacks | LSU |