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Link Gumbo: WRU needs to deliver

Receivers are gonna have to step up

Tennessee v LSU
Boutte better be bout it bout it
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

I worked in Bham for 10 year and became a College Football Zealot in my time there. 1MM person city with nothing to talk about but the SEC west. WJOX is a fun station to listen to, and their new show with Greg McElroy and Cole Cubelic is my favorite radio show to listen to when it comes to CFB. It’s even more fun when LSU is playing Bama or Auburn that week. If that’s your thing, I recommend you give a listen to get your juices flowing. One of the hosts had some platitudes for LSU and gives the Tigers a good chance next weekend. And he brings up a good point, the perception of our WR room is bar none, but will they play like they’ve been hyped to play?

Ex-Alabama QB has Crimson Tide on upset alert against LSU (

I think Alabama will address some of their issues during the bye week, and I would anticipate a better Bama after the bye week,” McElroy said. “But if you look at the parallels between what Tennessee has and what LSU has, the parallels are there. Excellent receiving corps, a quarterback who is dual-threat in nature who can hurt you with his legs but is getting better and better throwing the football. They have a solid group along the defensive line that can create some pressure, create negative plays. And by the way, super hostile environments — Tennessee and LSU both put forth a very difficult place for Bama to play. So the parallels are very real when looking at that matchup between Bama and LSU here in a couple of weeks.

Sam Acho had his counterpoint:

I don’t think the Tide should be on upset alert, and I don’t think that LSU right now is ready to beat Alabama, partly because of the way Alabama lost a few weeks ago,” Acho said. “You saw it against Mississippi State. I don’t think they want to lose like they lost to Tennessee. Then you go to compare the teams they are playing. Tennessee’s offense, to me, is more potent at quarterback and at receiver than what you have at LSU. So I think with that small difference at the skill positions, LSU versus Tennessee, I don’t know if Alabama will be able to be upset like they were before.”

I agree with most of both statements. I think our D Line is more than solid. And I saw what UT did to Bamas O Line, they put those dudes on roller skates. Acho is dead on, UT is more potent, is getting better QB play, and their WRs are playing lights out.

But I think this game comes down to some WRs making plays. For both teams. And we all know we are setting ourselves up for the JoJo Earle coming out party. I now know Burton is not a WR1. In fact, I still think Bamas best option in the passing game is Gibbs. As a Saints fan, the dude looks exactly like Kamara to me.

But I currently think this will be the breakout game for our WRs. You would think Florida was that game, but this will be the truest test against a secondary we have had all year. Of course Eli Ricks made his way into the line up, but I think that dude meets his match with Boutte. Brian Thomas or Jaray Jenkins is gonna need to make some plays against their safety or nickel DBs.

And here’s why I think they do. Because they are LSU receivers. They are from Louisiana. Look, Bama wants to claim itself at WRU, but amigos, that ain’t it.

since the year 2000 for LSU:

  • LSU has had more snaps at WR in the NFL than any other program. Bama isn’t even in the top 5.
  • More WRs drafted than Bama (21 to 14)
  • 6 first Rounders
  • More Pro Bowls. More All Pros. More ROTY awards
  • Julio Jones makes up nearly all of that stats for that program in the league, and thankfully, that dude won’t be on the sideline next weekend.

Finally, my favorite:

In 2021, ODB, Jamarr Chase and Justin Jefferson caught for more yards as a trio than:

Amari Cooper, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Devonta Smith, Jerry Jeudy, Jaylen Waddle, & Henry Ruggs...COMBINED


Time to bring the good ju ju folks. If we are gonna win this game then we need to win the battle in the air.