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Link Gumbo: Closing out Auburn

Running game is gonna be important

South Carolina v LSU
Guess who the leading receiver was against Auburn??
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

BJ Ojulari is making some money this year. In basically 3 games he has tallied 6 sacks. He made the biggest play of the game and earned himself SEC D Lineman of the week honors. He’s basically doing what we hoped he would do with Maason taking up double teams, and that option went out the door three plays into the season. Now Ali Gaye needs to do the same thing.

We aren’t gonna beat UT with the same passing game we have been showing. Kelly speaks to how he wants to get more vertical, we will see if that happens. If not, we need to play peek a boo with our running game and shorten this thing. SEC Shorts delivers the goods. Coach 30 makes us laugh out loud. And take it from me big man, XXL Tall is the type of shirt you need to be ordering in the future if they are gonna keep that coaches cam rolling.

3 players who stood out for the Reveille:

Who’s getting a game ball?: The three best performances from the Tiger Bowl | Sports |

With Harold Perkins becoming a major threat in the blitz department as well as sideline to sideline capabilities, it is opening up our options and giving opportunities to major players to make major plays. UT will be an awesome barometer with how much they spread out teams. BJ could eat in this game. And he may have to, because I am still up in the air about knowing how good our corners are.

The Advertiser is talking about the season thus far, not just Saturday night:

BJ Ojulari has been LSU football’s defensive MVP this season (

And they make a valid point. We need him to continuer playing like he is and we REALLY need Ali Gaye to step up his game.

It’s gonna take a village:

Improvement in LSU passing game will take complete offensive effort (

Drops are an issue. Trust is an issue. Anticipation is an issue. Timing is a major issue. And playmaking has been bungled from the start. I still believe we have the talent on the wings. I don’t believe Mason Taylor should be our primary option in this offense. I want to see 50/50 balls thrown with the belief that our guys will come down with it. At some point this offense is gonna look dominant in one game, hopefully it shows it this weekend.

“Not us...Just Mizzou being Mizzou”

“Like a kid acting cool on the bus...going straight to the back..” LOL

I would look the exact same way if we had a coaches cam for my 8 YO Flag Football Team