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Link Gumbo: We’ve Already Hit Players Only Meeting Status

Nobody is mad about the passing game, they are just...disappointed

LSU v Auburn
shhhhhhhh.this is for players only.....
Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images

With bigger games comes better content. And there has been a deluge of great articles. Man, it’s fun when Tennessee is good. Usually when you hear players only meetings, something negative occurred that may be too late to rectify by the staff alone. Good on them to get closer and work together. A great piece on Matt House’s calling card, zone blitz coverage and the creativity in fooling the QB read. UT negates that with their pace, so I am interested to see the base defense we play this game and who goes where. Which makes the play of our front four paramount. Guess who USC is smart enough to team up with now? And SEC shorts scares us straight.

I see this as a positive:

Inside LSU’s players-only meeting Jayden Daniels initiated to fix the passing game | LSU |

Although I want it to be Kayshon who is getting the pat on the back. It is now evident that Nabors is the go to guy. And I don’t know how I feel about that yet. Maybe a break out game against the Vols will alter that.

Awesome article:

How LSU’s defense hides its plan from opponents, and why the second half is better | LSU |

and how well does this speak to Matt House and his teaching skills. The defense has been a real positive. We need to prepare ourselves NOW to see them get exposed a bit by UT. I absolutely do not see us holding them to 17 points in a game, but I do see us giving them fits. Hooker has not played a defense this fast, and the walk in the parks he has been taking against other teams will be swallowed up. I expect Perkins to make a name for himself this week.

But if it isn’t Perkins, it will be Ojulari who can up his draft stock this week

Play of LSU’s front four paramount against high powered Tennessee offense (

A sack is awesome. A quarterback disruption is ideal. We don’t need to get home, we just need to knock the timing off just enough to get them off their game. I hope the 11 am kick off still delivers a raucous road environment. Keep the D Line energized.

The greatest use of Rumpelstiltskin in Pop Culture History

We used to watch these. IN A MIDDLE SCHOOL GYM CLASS!!!