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Link Gumbo: Dem Vawls

The offense packs a punch. The defense packs a Dopp bag

Florida v Tennessee
We can legally sack a Hooker this weekend
Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images

If LSU can score 30 points I think they win this game. If LSU can hold UT under 30 points, I think they will win this game. Of course, we know what is going to happen. Hendon Hooker is gonna get blasted running the ball, make a valiant effort to stay in the game and win it, then of course be too injured to play Bama next week. Them VAWLs are breaking out the Smokey Greys ON THE ROAD NO LESS and I see it as a perfect metaphor, boulders are grey, and this is gonna be a ROCKY TOP ROCK FIGHT.

A Greenie does a great job of explaining what Daniels and Denbrock have to do to get Boutte more involved. And I am now really afraid that Daniels simply can’t do it because he does not trust Boutte enough. Who to watch for on the other side (believe it or not a defender is on this list). A prediction that I can’t seem to figure out. Huepels perspective on the game against LSU. Look who is bringing in the top rated DB to the game? And just folks talkin ball with LSU legends.

It sounds pretty simple

BRPROUD | How LSU can get Kayshon Boutte the ball

But overall it sounds pretty damning as well. The ONE TIME I stayed up for Pac 12 after dark was to watch Jayden Daniels have the game of his life against a ranked Oregon. It was bomb after bomb. Where is that man???

They have the offense....but we have the defense

Three Tennessee Players to Watch Against LSU - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

The next two games can thrust Hendon into the Heisman convo. Especially with Bryce going down last week, the opportunity is wide open. I just really see LSU bottling him up for short gains. We will have to see the best back end play we have seen all year and I just get the vibe that we will see that.

Somebody help me here because I can’t determine who he predicted?

Fearless Prediction: Tennessee vs. LSU (

There seems to be some fear in this prediction.

Josh defines us in a nutshell

Tennessee Football: Josh Heupel gives details on LSU - Rocky Top Talk

Watch the TE coming out of the set and you know who the primary option is. Please. PLEASE let us change that scouting report this weekend.

It’s a game on the football field, it’s a RIVALRY on the diamond

Johnson, Tigers Ready to Start Fall Practice Thursday – LSU (

Lest I remind you that Tony Vitello is about to get his reckoning. I think LSU makes massive strides in the conference this year, which directly correlates to massive strides in the national scene as well.

Where is Eli Ricks?

I put it here because of Clark and Swagu, but Mina is a star as well: