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How many teams can we truly say we have a “wacky” relationship with? If it is more than four programs, does it mean WE are the wacky ones?

LSU Media Day
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Folks, I’m gonna be honest. The top two articles are subterfuge. Then we get to a little reminder of what my childhood and teenage years were filled with, 11 am kick off games as an underdog at home. The old “Dirty Windshield” time slot. The Daves. Seriously not knowing how hard the CBS intro hit because we never played in that window. But apparently, in this century, IN THIS CENTURY, that has been a favorable time slot for us.

Finally, I didn’t realize I NEEDED it until I WITNESSED it. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to 2019 highlight videos. Usually, for them to reverberate, the game must be of significance or the narrator must be very high in the Q Ratio with fans. This is neither...AND IT STILL SLAPS. T Bob starts off too husky, you wonder aloud if this is his WWE audition tape, and then you are reminded that HOLY SHIT THIS SERIES HAS HAD SOME TWISTS AND TURNS. He ain’t the Rock, but tones and notes hit pretty well, and then you remember his chapter in this Iliad against the Volunteers. It’s fun people. Let’s have fun.

Throw the ball man!!

LSU QB Daniels knows more aggressive approach is needed in passing attack – Crescent City Sports

We are all gonna scream that until we come back to reality of how costly red zone turnovers are.

In case you were wondering:

What to know ahead of LSU vs. Tennessee Saturday in Tiger Stadium (

Don’t clean your glasses. This is what the 90s looked like:

WE PLAY CHESS...NOT CHECKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!