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Link Gumbo: Talkin’ Bama’s Kryptonite

I’m just sayin’

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LSU v Florida
Keeping the message clean
Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Both coaches spoke platitudes yesterday. And then the Harsin news broke and dominated the cycle. I think both sides can find plenty of angles to make them feel good going into this game. It’s the most calm I’ve been the week of this game in a while. I think part of that has to do with already having 2 losses but still plenty riding on the game. I also think that bad feeling in the back of my brain that can’t stand seeing Bama continue to dominate the sport is subdued because the east is finally producing two high quality opponents that can beat Bama down the road. They ain’t facing some Mizzou team that backed their way in due to a terrible east division if Bama happens to make the Conference Championship. And how glorious would it be if UT loses and UGA then defeats Bama in the SECCG? UT just slips on by, getting that famed bye week by losing your biggest game of the year.

But I think the biggest confidence boost is knowing what has been Bama’s Kryptonite since 2018:

1.) An Older Transfer QB that plays at an absurd level on offense

2.) fans in the stands

I think we have both of those going into this game.

Since 2018, Bama has not done much according to their standards when pandemics haven’t occurred. Let’s see if that trend continues

The first Round of CFP rankings come out tonight btw:

Staples: Ranking 13 teams eligible for College Football Playoff (even if they aren’t top 4 this week) - The Athletic

Andy does a good job of reminding us of the blind resume. Which may be used for the first 3 weeks then is thrown out the door as we get to the beginning of December.

If you want to hear what Kelly had to say in full:

Replay: LSU’s Brian Kelly discusses the Alabama game in his Monday press conference | LSU |

Coach speak at it’s best.

Get ready for LSU to bring in more than 30 players this recruiting cycle

LSU football, Brian Kelly talk about how Tigers can upstage Alabama (

Every school is allowed to go over the 25 man cap. And O Line wise, we are LOADING up. I feel great about the QB situation as well. We just need to dominate CB and WR recruiting. We also need to get back on the train of high end RB talent.

I agree with all of these:

The 5 most valuable players for LSU football in showdown vs. Alabama, Nick Saban (

But please, my goodness please let this be the game that reminds everyone of how insanely talented Boutte is and can be. Good Kayshoun is imperative in terms of the shots we need to take as well as the shots we need to convert.

Is this good? Can somebody tell me if this is good or not??