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Instant Reactions: HAROLD PERKINS

Folks, we got Von Miller and Devin White mixed into a bullet marked by the number 40

LSU v Arkansas
Name a better player in America
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Harold. Perkins.

As of this point in the season, we have the best player in America on our defense.

Not the best freshman.

Not the best Linebacker.

Not even the best defender.

Nobody is playing better football than this man. There will be others who get invited to New York a few weeks from now, and rightfully so, they have a couple more games on them. But this man has lived up to the billing and then some.

I’m watching Bama poop the bed as we speak, so the clinching of the west is definitively up in the air. But as a fan going into this game, I had already conceded it. 11 am start. Arkansas on the road. Freezing weather. Wind in the stadium. Might has well been War Memorial stadium for all I care. And Vegas knew something we didn’t, even if Jefferson was a last second scratch.

We had plenty to play for, and kudos to Arkansas’ pride. That stadium was packed, their coaching was excellent, and they fought to the last minute. I am not a total fan of the game plan on offense that transpired. We used the pass to set up the run. Denbrock couldn’t decide if our best run option was Daniels or RBs. It did not help missing Emery. And our WRs did not bail us out as much as we needed it to.

Couple that with 3 different QBs to deal with going into planning and then reacting to in this game, and the upset was on. We called a slog fest as a possibility, and it showed us something. Our DC is exceptional, and our overall defense can be trusted to the bitter end.

Neither team eclipsed 300 yds on offense. Both turned the ball over twice. And Time of Possession was nearly dead even. Jayden Daniels pulled out the old Anthony Jennings stat line of 85 yards passing. Josh Williams pulled out the old STUD line of 122 yds rushing.

But in true Larry Munson fashion of “my God...a freshman”

8 Tackles

4 SACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Forced Fumbles (with a 3rd just milliseconds away)

LSU win.

Even Zod nodded his head at PERKULES.

The only fun part of an 11 am kickoff is when you win, the highlights play all day. Enjoy it folks, it looks like this division race is coming down to the last weekend.

It’s time for the PERKULATOR. It’s time for the PERKULATOR