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Link Gumbo: Is it 2001 or 2007 all over again?

The good news is that both were super fun seasons in different ways

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We are gonna need you down the stretch Josh
Photo by Andy Altenburger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welp, I am glad that rock fight in 40 degree weather is over with. The beauty of 11 am games is if you win, you get to watch the highlights over and over, and now America knows who PERKULES is and that he is bringing his crew to ATLANTA-is (kudos to that pun in the thread that made me laugh out loud). As fans, we should be ecstatic, and on the whole I see a ton of gratitude and joy that is delivered when the team soars above expectations. The next two weeks will tell us if we are riding the Rohan Davey funhouse vibes (with a little bit of Matt Mauck curve balls mixed in) or should we really delve into the hype that is the feeling of 2007, a two loss team playing for Natties. I currently sit in the 2001 sphere, and it is a lot more low key and enjoyable. But if our offense gets back on track these next two weeks I am probably moving to full blown 2007, especially if TCU loses a game.

Don’t worry too much about the offense folks. Barry Odom can coach, and he simply out coached Denbrock. He kept Daniels off balance, held his running in check, and basically used Run Gap blitzes to take away our greatest strength, which is the QB option read and draw game. Kudos to him, and thankfully it didn’t cost us.

I feel like I am in a Publix kitchen right now, because there is icing on the cake everywhere I look. Let’s stay healthy. Let’s get in tune. And let’s get the PERKULES to NYC.

He’s making us forget about Mike Jones until we see headlines like this:

Who is Harold Perkins Jr.? LSU pass rusher has arrival game with four sacks vs. Arkansas (

Folks, that starting QB for Arkansas was the anchor leg for his High School 4x100 team. That HS happened to turn in the FASTEST TIME IN THE NATION LAST YEAR. And Perk just walked him down. Just completely negated what should have been DMC nightmares all over again. If you watched the Bama Ole Miss game, it looked like Bryce Young was back to his old ways of making defenders look silly on a stutter step. Then you realize Harold is the most athletic player on the field and Bryce looked pretty damn normal when he realized he couldn’t buy time and actually had to stay on schedule. He is not Devin White. He is Patrick Peterson in a Linebackers Body.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

LSU football SEC West champions after Mississippi’s loss to Alabama (

Enjoy every minute. Look for cohesion and building up the pass game against UAB. Look for A&M to throw the kitchen sink at us. But look with the lens that our hotel rooms in Atlanta are fully guaranteed no matter what happens the next two weeks.

All relatable and what you would expect

Five takeaways from LSU’s win over Arkansas (

Matt House was the best hire in the off season for Kelly. Like Hester talked about this morning, he is the positive side of bringing someone down from the NFL. New game plan each week, and after halftime, it feels like a new game plan each Quarter.

My favorite article from the weekend

Even with shaky win at Arkansas, the LSU Tigers remain ahead of schedule under Brian Kelly in Year 1 - On3

Good for this guy. Pump that chest. If he called it then he called it. But the overall point hits home. We had talent on this roster. We bolstered that talent with recruits and transfers. And we have immediately proven the team has bought in. I also think we will look back on a pretty weak West Division that we took advantage of, but man does a victory over Bama solidify the trajectory of this team! And now we clinched the west with two weeks left in the season!! what a feeling!