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Link Gumbo: The best SEC Shorts of the Year

“Alexa, NECK....”

LSU v Arkansas
BK, have it your way
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Arkansas looked a lot like the team we expected them to look like at the beginning of the year. And KJ Jefferson would have absolutely made a difference in that game. But that is how the year is playing out, and the ball is bouncing in our favor because Harold Perkins is knockin’ the metaphorical ball out of our competition’s hands.

The world is having a lot of fun with how this CFP landscape is shaping up. And I think we are reaping the accolades that we have missed out on in years prior where LSU was the great white knight pulling up to slay the dragon that is the Saban empire only to be vanquished in a plume of smoke for all the kingdom to see. But not this year!! I have a feeling Texas A&M is gonna look their best against LSU as well. So will UAB. And that is fine, it only sharpens the sword. It sharpens the SWORD WE PULLED FROM THE STONE

This has been my favorite of the year, mainly for the punchline at the end:

So many jabs. So many shots and fanbase emotions. And is it okay to get emotional during a comedic sketch??!! they even called themselves out!!

Apparently, this was a double matinee week for them:

Act like children, get treated like children.

“Threw a pick to Patrick Peterson...who’s older than prostitution...”

This has a ton of LSU flavor in it and the Vikings are a wonderful go to if you can’t catch the Saints or the Bengals. Just loaded down with LSU playmakers. We have Zod on this team, Jetts, Hunter, all playing massive roles for one of the best teams in the NFC record wise.

Even Fox Sports loves new blood in the SECCG, and they don’t even have a dog in the hunt

This man knows his margins, and she knows marriage material