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Link Gumbo: Blazing Forward

We can’t escape this cold

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LSU v Arkansas
Put your head down and keep Truckin’
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s senior night this weekend and I’m intrigued on who is going to be celebrated. I now firmly believe that Jayden Daniels can elevate his draft status if he stays another year, but I wouldn’t blame him if he goes. He will need one of the young Wide Receivers to bud into a superstar, because we see what happens to the best when they don’t have a true WR1 (see Aaron Rogers and Bryce Young). I can’t believe how much talent we are going to bring back, and how much talent we have yet to add!!

It’s gonna be cold. The coldest (ie least prepared) I have ever been in my life was that Troy game during the Miles years that we had no business winning, especially digging out of the hole we created in that game. I am talking my teeth were clattering like a Looney Tunes character. I have layers on layers of Hunting gear and I thought an LSU hoody would do the trick. It did not. And I think it is going to be that type of cold this Saturday night. Our defense is going to have to make a decision that it wants to tackle and play aggressive, because it hurts even more to tackle in this weather. And of course UAB brings a bell cow back that will test that mettle.

And our WRs are gonna need to step up. I want to see back ups in this game. I want to see the passing game show some cohesion, and I want reps to matter. Let’s get out of the gates hot Tigers.

16 seniors will be honored, but they haven’t named them yet

Brian Kelly praises current group of LSU seniors ahead of final home game (

Covid threw me off on who can declare. I have no clue who would be eligible for a super senior year. I also fully expect Kayshon to be celebrated.

The Blazers of UAB

LSU vs. UAB: Five things to know about the Blazers in Week 12 (

I’m kinda partial to UAB. I lived in Birmingham for years. My wife got her masters there. I worked with a ton of Blazers when I lived there. And randomly, I met the musician Sam Hunt while he played football there and got to watch him rise to fame from his first days singing in college bars (there was no evidence in his early days that he would end up where he is, I have no clue how it happened still). Even introduced him to his now ex wife. That sounds like a country song in itself. I do think the Tigers pull away, and all I hope for is both teams coming out of this with only bumps and bruises.

I am realizing this is not that great of a QB draft class:

Predicting which NFL Draft-eligible SEC quarterbacks are returning or leaving for the NFL (

This article predicts that he stays but when a class is this weak this can be an advantage. I think the UGA game really dictates his decision. If he plays like he did in the Bama game (and I am already calling Mike Vick against FSU level of effort in the MB Dome) then I think he gets convinced that he is a project that can get 2nd round money. And Spencer Rattler, just woof.

I posted this for the first question asked here:

LSU mailbag: After Nick Saban’s done at Alabama, what’s the standard for the Tigers? - The Athletic

On the “Football & Grits” podcast, y’all were saying how LSU has been a tier below for the last decade. That is true, but it’s also true that we have Alabama in our division going on the greatest run in the history of the sport. We don’t get to play an ACC or Big Ten schedule. The path to a title is infinitely harder.

My question is this: Once the impossible standard that Nick Saban has set at Alabama is gone, what is an acceptable standard? I believe a top tier program like LSU or Georgia or Alabama should only expect to make a final/semifinal maybe one to two times a decade. The run that Saban has had has completely thrown expectations out of whack.

LSU playing for four national titles and winning three of them in the past 20 years is an absolutely otherworldly success. — William M., San Antonio”

Just awesome perspective. I don’t think Sabans run is over, but I do think the scale is slightly more balanced when it comes to Bama vs the Field. Already, I am reading on RBR that it is a talent thing, those dudes are arguing that Pete Golding is doing a good job lol! IT IS NOT TALENT WHEN YOU HAVE TWO TOP 5 DRAFT PICKS! And truthfully, we are a Trey Quinn dropped pass, a kick out of bounds, and a couple other plays away from getting more years like this in the past 10 years. It is fun to witness how shocked Bama fans are when every single thing that normally goes in their favor just does not. And they are still ranked in the top 10!! how is that possible? how are they taking up that space? To answer the question, if we are lucky enough to the keep the every 4 year cycle going then I will be ecstatic.