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Link Gumbo: Do we think Bama will run for more than 6 yards this time?

I’m kidding, but this is the week to have fun

Ole Miss v LSU
Hope he’s ready for slants and bubbles to Gibbs
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

I wrote the headline to expound on a point that Jacob Hester has been pushing on the radio waves this week. For more than a decade, both teams have made this their bye week. And for more than a decade, it truly felt like Alabama was the program who truly took advantage of the bye week by creating adjustments and different looks/gameplans/player focuses coming into this match up. And then last year happened. And it mainly happened out of necessity, but it was the first time LSU came with a curveball that his holiness the grand potentate Nick Saban himself simply could not adjust to within the game. I don’t think we need to completely overhaul our defensive front and alignment, but I would love to see how the Kelly regime treats this game in terms of new chess moves.

And now this is a top 10 match up. On one side I am flabbergasted with our ranking, on the other I am already jumping to conclusions on possibilities that will absolutely play themselves out over the next 4 weeks. If there is any program that knows how to make the absolute most out of a 2-loss season, it is LSU. I am happy to see LSU in this spot in year one under Kelly with somewhere under 60 scholarship players. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

The QB room is looking bright for the future:

LSU Commit Rickie Collins Lighting Up Senior Year - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

Pretty Rickie

Uh Oh. Bama is in Warpath/Rampage must win mode

Dennis Dodd’s Power Rankings: Alabama In Must-Win Mode vs. LSU This Week -

Watch Out. When Bama got curb stomped by Clemson in 2018, they were “ON THE WARPATH” the next season (only to lose the two biggest games they had in 2019). We do get a version of “backs against the wall” Bama, but to be honest, for the last 10 years we have bared the burden of playing “fully focused Bama”. Posuer has pointed this out before, THIS series has been the one Saban told his players makes them the most money on tape. We rarely beat them, but we were never overlooked coming into this one.

Looks like we have a feature with Marty Smith on Jaden Daniels coming up:

Correct Kirby. One had Generational Talent scattered along the LOS. The other has an awesome offensive scheme:

BK better skip breakfast if he is superstitious at all: