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Instant Reactions: LSU 41, UAB 10

Daniels cruises, Cain finds the end zone a bunch, and LSU boringly grinds UAB into dust like they were supposed to.

NCAA Football: Alabama-Birmingham at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Look, when these games happened, it is always best if, from a content perspective, it’s a hard week for me. It means the game wasn’t interesting, and if a cupcake game is interesting, you’ve got problems.

LSU struggled a little bit early on the scoreboard but at no point were they not in control. UAB had no answer for LSU’s superior athletes. Jayden Daniels did whatever he wanted, on the ground and in the air, Harold Perkins flew around, and everyone was in control.

Good. Don’t make it interesting, make it insanely boring, I want to have learned absolutely nothing about LSU after games like these because if we do learn anything, it’s probably bad! For example, John Emery cannot stop fumbling the ball. I’m glad such revelations were more localized than team-wide.

So, LSU fans, enjoy your incredibly uninteresting victory, because it’s supposed to be like that. Now, we move onto a matchup with A&M that, under no circumstances, can LSU afford to drop. It would kill their aspirations, and it would bounce a lot of checks we’ve written with our mouths to Texas A&M. For example:

Pls don’t lose and ruin our mentions on Twitter, our last moments on the bird app cannot see us being ratioed by THESE people.