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LSU Hops Into Top 5

Number 5 LSU Tigers appear to control their destiny to the Kelly’s first season

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

LSU surprisingly held off Lincon Riley’s USC and was able to jump into the top 5 of the latest CFP rankings tonight, putting them in a position to control their own destiny.

With LSU’s loss to Florida State continuing to look better and better, the playoff committee threw the Tigers a bone and gave them their first top 5 ranking since the 2019 season. The committee’s message looks clear: Take care of business against A&M, then go find a way to take down Georgia, and you’re in.

Regardless of what happens from here, the fact that Brian Kelly got LSU to an SEC West title, a likely NY6 game, and a late top 5 ranking in year one is a success beyond anything even ATVS pillar, and our friend Poseur’s #DelusionalOptimism could have cooked up. Beat A&M, and we’re calling this a wild success, with any and all levels of optimism ceasing to be delusional.

Right behind LSU though is USC. With their own splash hire in his first season, USC has found itself back in the thick of college football contention where they also belong. They have a big one against Notre Dame this weekend that can propel them if impressive enough, or sink them if they get got in a rivalry matchup.

Once again, regardless, the success of LSU, and USC for that matter, in year 1, has handsomely rewarded the bold investments made by the administrations of these respective powers. It has not rewarded the programs these coaches left behind, despite insistence they were “better off.”

Take stock of who is in the playoff hunt, CFB fans, it ain’t Notre Dame, and it ain’t Oklahoma.

Buckle up, it’s all gravy from here, just beat A&M.